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  1. Been buying from a seller on Amazon. Grade AAA Snell balls....about a buck a ball. Fits my game, and budget, perfectly.
  2. Curious if anyone has used Golf Galaxy for a ball fitting recently and what your experience was like. Where I'm at (Cleveland), Golf Galaxy is the only place that does ball fittings. But the nearest location is an hour away from me. So before I invest 3 hours of my time (hour there, hour fitting, hour back), want to know if its worth it. Did a ball fitting at Golf Galaxy back in like 2008 and remember then that they had you hit a baseline ball only and then your ideal ball was predicated based off of the numbers you were generating from that to give you your recommendation. So you actually never hit your ideal ball until you were on the course. FWIW, currently playing Snell MTBs and MTB-X (depending on course conditions) and have had absolutely no issues with them. But I'm also the type that wants to know I'm playing the most optimized set-up for me...hence the ball fitting.
  3. First Name/State or Country of residence: Jeff / Ohio Handicap: 20/21 Current irons in Play: 2005 vintage TaylorMade RAC OS The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 150ish
  4. We've got a couple of openings this Sunday....let me know.
  5. Thinking about it. Live in Solon right by Signature...haven't really met anyone that likes that course. Very tight and target golf is what I always hear. Thinking about the Shaker Heights CC play-date. BTW....I'm in a Sunday group at Gleneagles in Twinsburg. 7am-ish standing tee time. If you want to join, we're always looking for people to sub in for regulars (at least typically one opening/week).
  6. Choosing putter grips is one of the most convoluted processes I've found. Do you stick with stock? Do you go to pistol? Do you go to something oversized? etc. etc. etc. My only advice is to try them all out. Chanchorp13...you mentioned struggling with short putts. Just wondering if you're playing the right putter. for your swing. With your putter, I know that that has about 45 degree toe hang (I eyed it too when I was putter shopping)...do you have a slight arc swing? The reason I ask...I just found out I was misfitted into the wrong putter for years (playing a 2-ball mallet) and that was playing havoc with my putting. Literally it's like putting a square peg into a round hole. A putter club builder noticed that at an event when I was putting, suggested I try a blade style with about 45 degree toe hang and it's been nothing but sunk putts since then. I typically struggled with those 3-5 footers with my old mallet style (designed for straight putting swings) and those are now gimmes with my new blade putter (Ping Cadence TR) which fits my swing much better.
  7. I've played a few rounds with the Pure DTX midsize grips...not going back now. Love the rubber feel...actual rubber feel. Also have found them to be in between for feel from the tradition cords and a wrap...a nice blend. Last set of grips I played were GolfPride MCC+4s and they felt a bit "stiff" if you ask me. The Pure's are like butter in my hands...in a good way. At worst get a single Pure grip for under $10 and try it. At worst you throw it away and put back on what you were playing. That's what I did before I bought a complete set since Pure's don't have wide, if any, retail distribution. A pretty cheap golf experiment if you ask me.
  8. Exactly! Or when a club breaks unexpectedly like when my old TaylorMade Rescue hybrid literally snapped in half at the hosel last year on the range and I suddenly found myself in the market for a new hybrid.
  9. My home course had a demo day this past weekend with Ping, TaylorMade, and Srixon/Cleveland Golf in attendance. Weather kept turnout pretty minimal so I was able to hit a ton of balls across all three manufactures. I was trying out driver (current driver is a TaylorMade r7 Quad...14 years old!), 3-wood (current driver is a TaylorMade 200 steel 18ish years old), and irons (current irons are TaylorMade RAC OS ....13 years old). So it was cool to have "current and old equipment" versus the new state-of-the-art equipment. Also helpful was that each booth had a trackman running. Interestingly......my current equipment was pretty much holding up swing for swing versus the new stuff. Is the new stuff a couple of yards longer? Sure. Was it enough of a difference to drop $500 on a new driver? No way. Same for the 3-wood and irons. A couple of the reps there were amazed by the closeness in the numbers. So moral of the story, new does not always equal better when it comes to golf equipment. If thinking about new equipment, bring your old stuff along and do a true club-to-club comparison....the results might save you a few bucks.
  10. Check out Pure Grips. Just regripped my entire set with their DTX line (their version of a cord). Install is easy too...can do it at home with just an air compressor. A plus for me in my book is that these grips are made in the USA...Golf Pride and others are China or Mexico it seems. Price was in the middle range. You won't find these guys in stores but readily available online from many different sites.
  11. - Jeff - Solon, OH (Cleveland) - Swing Speed: 3wood: 104 MPH, 3 hybrid: 97 MPH, 4 hybrid: 96 MPH Handicap: 19 - Your current setup: 3-wood: TaylorMade 200 Steel 15 degree stock shaft (stiff) 3 hybrid: Ping G400 3w Ping Tour 85 shaft (stiff) 4 hyrbid: Titleist 816H2 Fujikura Speedster shaft (stiff) - Right handed
  12. Name/State: Jeff/Ohio Handicap: 19.7 Drive Swing Speed: 110 MPH Current Driver: TaylorMade R7 Quad Preference: G410 SFT
  13. Jeff Ohio, USA 18 (and dropping each week this summer, woo-hoo!) A 12 year old set of TaylorMade RAC OS irons i210 please
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