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  1. You mean the driver with the sliding weight?
  2. So they haven't done a patent for it yet? Is that to not tip other OEM's off about what they are doing? I find it strange the gravity core thing only weighs 11g. I'd have thought there would need to be more weight than that to change the COG
  3. For those who have seen driver B and C does it look anything like the Legacy? Is the badge at the back the thing you remove to change the COG?
  4. What is with the crown graphics, looks the same as R11. The club looks nice but I still can't understand why OEM's are heading this way, too distracting.
  5. For a G line club it looks great, not as much offset, doesn't look as big, back of the club looks simple and not busy. On looks alone it's a winner. It fixes what everyone complains about the G line, too big, too much offset, sole too big, top line too thick. First time I've ever thought "I'd buy it and play it". Will have to wait and see how it plays.
  6. Nice polish job as well, how did you get the face and sole looking like new?
  7. Thought the exact same when I heard about the GP Tour 25, really disappointed with the Winn Lite grips. Can't wait to see how these go. Anyone tried one yet?
  8. Maybe it's smaller than 460? Very similar shape to Rapture V2, I'm not just talking about the tungsten.
  9. “Product names come from all over the place but typically they'll come from marketing, product marketing and sales. Never before has one come from R&D.” I'd like to bet product names will never again come from R&D.
  10. Is this driver the new Hammer? It has some competition when it comes to longest driver on the planet- http://www.ebay.com/itm/NON-CONFORMING-LAZER-X-HAWK-RAZR-OCTANE-ILLEGAL-DRIVER-HEAD-9-5-10-5-13-/310358278229?pt=Golf_Clubmaking_Products_US&hash=item4842cb8055 I love the name X Hawk Razr Octane.
  11. I'm the same, I remember seeing the spy photos and hoping you guys would do a review.
  12. I don't understand the difference between setting an adjustable driver to 2 degrees open versus opening the face of a non adjustable driver using my hands, is there any difference? I think the ability to change loft is great, so is changing weights, but I can't understand opening and closing the face.
  13. Fugly Almost a Nike colour scheme
  14. Really? Have we reached a point where a 28* 6i is ok? For a Mizuno players club these lofts are very strong. I'd think every iron would be weaker than those R11's, those lofts are ridiculous.
  15. How were the 59's? I've seen here the lofts are very strong. How forgiving were they? Similar to the 53s? http://www.mizuno.jp/catalog/product/43KS87606/1290090020/ Scroll down to see the lofts, offset numbers suggest a fraction more than the 53s. When you search around on that website you see the new woods as well.
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