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  1. Yes, we old guys need to get over it. Recently a few courses in my area have recolored the tees; so what were the white tees, now are the blue tees - it seems to work on a lot of people. This is the opposite of 25 years ago when blue tees were recolored to white tees. Moving to forward tees does create a new set of problems, like bunkers and hazards that were not in play before coming into play. Shorter may not be easier until you learn the lines.
  2. While equipment bifurcation is somewhat a change; but rules of competition and local rules affecting highly skilled players already provided some level of bifurcation. As far as I have observed no local championships are testing equipment of going through bags to insure compliance with conforming lists. While the distance debate makes no sense in terms of most golfers; perhaps the regulating bodies should require longer fairways to reduce roll and cutting greens only every third day; and remove rakes from bunkers for highly skilled players.
  3. flsw19


    I tried Ballnamic, reminded of the Golfball Selector, which did something similar. I thought I set price at mid-point so results are a little off; In order of ranking, Bridgestone Tour BX, Vice Pro-Plus (my current ball), Callaway Chrome Soft X; Bridgestone Tour XS, and Maxfli Tour X (my backup ball) I have tried all balls. Price points make Vise and Maxfli better choices. Vise also has the coolest colors. The cool colors enhance the smack talking on the tee.
  4. Edison 59 degree bent to 58 for all shots around green, except when there is no grass; then it is what club seems right.
  5. Not sure if you can blame it on the clubs, holed out A wedge from 100 yards for my first eagle and hit PW to 3 feet from 115 for kick in birdie. Played the 3 par 5 is 3 under a first for me. Siub70 699 Pro's in black. I had stopped playing my Ping G400 6 iron and replaced it with a Mavrik 6 hybrid, now hitting the 699 Pro 6 iron more consistently and longer.
  6. I have played a 59 bent to 58, the heads are somewhat compact especially when compared to the equivalent ping G-400 wedge. Takes a while to learn to use the sole. My current wedge set up is the stock sub70 PW & AW, Ping Glide 2.0 54 and the Edison. Only 5 rounds on the sub70's. 100+ rounds with the other wedges. Full 54 80 yards and 58 70.
  7. Just added the Sub70 669 Pro black, 6-A. haven't played a 6 iron for a while, hitting a Mavrik 6 hybrid. The Sub70 6 iron is as long and more reliable at this sitting. Replaced Ping G400's; still playing Ping Glide 2 54degree and Edison 59 bent to 58 wedges. Handicap ranges from 15 - 18 depending on putting.
  8. It always seems to vary - mostly depending on the putter in the bag. But with the purchase of Sub70 Irons, Ping, Callaway, Edison, SeeMore, balls Maxfli, Titleist, Bridgestone
  9. Has there been any tests of the See More Putters.
  10. Has any one tried Edison Wedges, they claim a shifting of weight to higher on face for more consistent strikes.
  11. Club fitting if it hasn't been done in a while. Lessons that address a specific weakness.
  12. I cannot enter even following instructions, Grint support not responsive.
  13. My experience is ProV1s are hotter of the putter.
  14. Has anyone out there tried the ClearGolf Shaft that Mark Lye is promoting on his PGA Radio Show. $450 price on the Cleargolf. They also offer balls at $68 a dozen.
  15. I have played graphite for most of my playing time started in 1991 just shy of 40 years old, played steel stiff, original rifle shafts; and then graphite to save my hands and wrists. I first tried soft grips but when that did not work moved to graphite. First graphite was in Macgregor vip's stiff graphite, then ping I10's with senior and now ping 400's and glide 2 wedges with senior shafts. Only that has steel shaft is Ping Sigma 2 Arna putter. Lite shaft are a boon to those like me with no violence in their swing.
  16. Practice - what is practice? Putt on practice green with gate made with tees to check face and path. Otherwise drop balls around the green when playing by myself and hit wedges and shots around the green. Only go to range when I get a new club.
  17. Upon opening package and reading instructions was a concern: Requiring practice swings - I don't take practice swings except is unusual circumstances; i.e. partial shots or shots hindered by trees etc. Putter Chip did not fit; Ping Sigma 2 adjustable - cut off part of chip and fits well. Use after 6 rounds Pavg is important to use when comparing shots distances, especially if you use clubs for partial shots or as I do a hybrid around the greens. Distances for clubs can be distorted because of elevation changes. Pavg for 7 and 8 irons, the same - some adjustments may be needed. Pavg for 4 hybrid and 7 wood the same; but have different ball flights so not surprising 4 Wood longest is just short of Driver longest 70 percent of putts short - may be a result of new course mangers and green speeds on homes courses being reduced to 8-9 from 10-11 on one course and to 8-9 from 11-12 on the other course. Helpful seeing pavg for wedges; allowing a little more effective selection. In bag; Driver - Ping G400 SFT set fto 13 degrees Fairway Woods - Callaway Rogue 4 and Callaway Rogue Heavenwood Hybrids - Callaway Rogue 21 and 24 Irons - Ping G400 6-W Green Dot Senior Shaft Wedge - Ping Glide 2.0 50 and 54ss, 58 ws. Green Dot Putter - Sigma 2 Arna 36" and minus 1 degree loft
  18. Fred, Camarillo, California Driver Speed 85 Current Ball Maxfli Tour X Maxfli Tour
  19. Fred - California. 16.6 Ping Glide 2.0 Ping Alta CB Sr shaft, green dot; Golf Pride orange grips; 50ss, 54ss & 58ws Favorite Wedge Shot - the one holed and whatever amazes or takes the air out of your playing partners
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