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  1. Given the expense incurred in overhead, equipment, salaries for the "expert" fitters, I think the TXGs, the Club Champions, the True Specs, the Cool Stix, etc. are entitled to charge for their fitting service. IMO, what's missing in the contractual framework is a written quality control process on the fitting to include a checklist and screenshots of the basis for the club selection. This will spotlight weak fitters, missing parts of the process like gapping and clear remedies for fixing any problem. Also, there should be a great deal more transparency in the actual costs of building the club or the set recommended.



  2. 14 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:


    Let's make practice fun again!  Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go.   

    It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole  in it. Has to be easy right?  Well give it a go and let us know.  it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. 

    It can be used indoors with the PuttOUT mat, it is also very effective on the actual putting green with any combination of the mirror, gate and Pressure Putt.      Putt Out Training aids.jpg

    How To Apply

    This opportunity is open to any golfer who lives on the planet earth!  We are looking for five dedicated forum members who will use the system and report back their honest thoughts in a full thorough and comprehensive review.

    Please provide the following info in a separate post below...DO NOT QUOTE this post.

    First Name/State or Country


    Have you ever used a putting training device before 

    We'll be selecting the testers late next week, so be sure to check back to see if you've been selected.




    Putt Out On Course.jpg




    Putt Out on Course DTL view.jpg

    John, Florida


    No, but I will give it my best!

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