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  1. Hi Guys, I just received my new JPX 919 Tours. Unfortunately I could only get in one quick range season so far. What I noticed after just hitting a few balls are a few pretty deep scuffs which you can see in the pictures below. I played Pings before, so haven't had forged irons yet. I know that they wear quicker but is it normal to have scuffs which you can feel with your fingers after just hitting a few golf ball on the range? Thanks guys!
  2. First of all - thank you for the opportunity to ask questions! I'm a 15 handicapper and really like the Mizuno 919Tours even though traditional fitters will probably instantly tell me that this is not the right club for me because of my handicap. So the question is - how do you handle someone who is coming in, looking for clubs that are "out of his league"? Are you trying to get them into buying a different club directly or do you try to stick with the head the customer wants and adjust around that? Cheers mate!
  3. Timon MUNICH, Germany 17 Ping ISI-K, Shaft: Ping LZ Red I210
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