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  1. Scott Pennsylvania Titleist 913 D2 Diamana 60s+ According to your site I should be playing an M 3 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Scott Pennsylvania Titleist 913 D2 9.5/Diamana S+/62 95 mph HELP! I am being left in the dust Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. That was what the fitter and I talked about! Plus he is letting me try just the 6 iron setup to my specs on the course for a bit before committing to the full set. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Yeah I went to this small but very good shop (izett golf near Philadelphia).. they don't use all the new launch monitors etc. I guess my question is - should I go with the clubs he could make or try and use the specs he gave me to get a pre owned set? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I have been reading MGS for a little bit now and recently joined the forum. Need some help wrapping my mind around some things - hopefully, you can help? Background: Started playing apprx 8 years ago - started with an inherited set and then went and got "fitted" (they basically just cranked the lie up a few degrees and gave me semi-stiff shafts) at a large retailer for mizuno jpx 800s. Over the last two years I started giving up some of the other hobbies to focus more on golf and decided recently to go get a proper fitting to see what was going on with my clubs and my swing. Turns out the clubs are out of wack - varying stiffnesses, swing weights and too short for me. I know there are varying schools of thought on what clubs to play based on handicaps (right now I am at an 18 - as low as a 14 last year and then I had a kid which cut into playing time) - I really like the look and the feel of the mizuno jpx tours! I think if I get this it will help me become a better ball striker and help me focus more on my swing. Am I just setting myself up for punishment? The club fitter/maker is making me a 6 iron from the jpx 900 tour set to my spec +3/4 length, S200 dynamic gold, I forget the SW we decided on and grips slightly above regular. He is then letting me buy just that one to take out into the real world to hit and make sure I like it. What to do? The clubs would cost $190 a club - seems reasonable for the process - sound fair? but that's $1000-1400 depending on if I get the lower irons. I have seen similar sets on different forums with rifle steel shafts with 5.5 or 6 - I think that is comparable? These are significantly less... like half. might not be able to get the exact length... I saw one set that was .5 longer instead of the .75. The new jpx 919 tours are also coming out in september?! Do I just wait for them? They look nice.. maybe a touch futuristic but I like that the lack of colored text like in the 900s Also trying to decide if I should get the ping g400 max or just try and tune up my current driver - titleist 913d2 - he is adding some weight to the shaft to give it a better feel. is it really that forgiving? HELP!
  6. I just had a fitting recently and they looked at all my clubs - the Titleist driver is tagged as a 9.5 turns out it's actually 13... Apparently there is just no standard and for the average hack it's hard to check. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Scott Pennsylvania/Philadelphia/United States 18 Mizuno JPX 800 - Dynamic Gold S200 PING i210
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