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  1. Will North Carolina Titleist 976r, 9.5*, stiff shaft (could use a driver from one of the previous two decades, just haven't pulled the trigger yet) Yes, I was fit but in the Spring when i was first playing regularly and struggled with slice. Fit for Ping G400 SFT, 12*, Regular
  2. Will North Carolina No Handicap yet, just started getting serious this year, have played 5 rounds this summer and 2-3 days a week on the range, but been following MyGolfSpy during this whole journey to start playing golf more regularly. To help kick start my hobby, purchased Ping G400 irons in March. Red Dot, with Regular shafts. As I have found my swing, I have noticed that G400 is a little hard to control distance on, fades or draws aren't especially easy, and offset is a little extreme, so I had been looking into a more player friendly set. Part of why I got the Ping G400 was because my dad has played Eye2 since his senior year of high school, and still shoots close to par every time we play. I was very tempted to purchase i200, but just had such an inconsistent swing though G400 would be best. Would love the chance to try i210. Could give a great comparison of the two for a player just getting started.
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