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  1. Thank you @MattF I had a great day and, more importantly, I have a birthday present on order: one Ping G425 hybrid custom order. But it’s only been on order for a couple of weeks so the middle of November is when I’m hoping to get it. Fingers crossed. Happy golfing everyone ️
  2. Sweet! Have fun playing with your new sticks
  3. Email? What email? I’ve not received anything and I’ve checked my spam folder too
  4. I’m looking to change my G400 Max and this is an interesting option. Would love the opportunity to test it to see if it could help eliminate the LHS
  5. I’m still testing! I didn’t start until the survey was sent out so there’s not a lot of time I’m going back to the studio at my club today to try them both on GC Quad again. Then back on the course and complete my testing - hopefully! I’ve already lost one of each ball from my first foray onto the course with them. Wish me luck
  6. I can’t remember what questions are asked. Is your current shot shape not asked?
  7. Just need to say that in my first outing at my home club yesterday, I went out in 33 gross, 2 under par. My best ever on the front nine. Although the back nine was less impressive I still shot 73 for 3 over, my lowest score this summer. I love my new Mizunos
  8. I’m delighted, my Mizuno custom fit order (UK order) has arrived after only three weeks. I guess I must have been lucky with the components I’ve chosen They are Mizuno MP20 HMB 4 & 5 irons and MP20 MMC 6 iron to PW. With KBS C Taper Lite 110 Stiff shafts one inch longer than standard with Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid midsize grips +4 tapes. Standard lie but lofts 2 degrees weaker than standard (making the 7 iron 34 degrees). The excitement Mizuno Swing DNA gadget did recommend the C Taper Lite X Stiff, but as I’m getting older I tried the stiff against the x stiff and couldn’t tell the difference, so went with the “softer” shaft hoping it’ll last me a few more years into my senior golfing. Fingers crossed, all seems good so far. I’ve just had my first game with them and loved them and the course - one of my favourite courses in the UK - Woodhall Spa, the Hotchkin course. Looking forward to many more games to come
  9. It looks a wonderful experience. One that I hope to experience one day
  10. That’s excellent news. How was it?
  11. Congratulations @artful_golfer @DStar @Blueberry_Squishie @BKordon Happy testing!
  12. Making sure that your phone is facing microphone up in your lead pocket should be your first port of call in my opinion. And if that fails, try cleaning the microphone port on your phone. And re-pairing the sensors will not do any harm but has seldom been the fix in my 80+ rebounds with Arccos. If you’re still having problems an external mic is a cheap way to try to alleviate missed shots. Just a short lightning lapel clip mic clipped to your pocket/belt loop. I’ve not tried this. And finally, Arccos support are fantastic. Drop them an email at starter@arccosgolf.com and they are quick to reply. Best of luck. I love Arccos!
  13. pooley7

    New irons!

    Good choice. I knew when I ordered them that I’d be in for a wait and hope that you were too. The good news is that, at the end of the day, we’ll have a brand new set of Mizunos one day soon(ish)
  14. pooley7

    New irons!

    I’m not looking for increased distance, but I’m getting it, by about one club. So the main purpose of the 2 degrees weak is to try to reign in the distance a bit. With the added bonus of more bounce, less offset and hopefully some added spin.
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