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  1. Making sure that your phone is facing microphone up in your lead pocket should be your first port of call in my opinion. And if that fails, try cleaning the microphone port on your phone. And re-pairing the sensors will not do any harm but has seldom been the fix in my 80+ rebounds with Arccos. If you’re still having problems an external mic is a cheap way to try to alleviate missed shots. Just a short lightning lapel clip mic clipped to your pocket/belt loop. I’ve not tried this. And finally, Arccos support are fantastic. Drop them an email at starter@arccosgolf.com and they are qui
  2. pooley7

    New irons!

    Good choice. I knew when I ordered them that I’d be in for a wait and hope that you were too. The good news is that, at the end of the day, we’ll have a brand new set of Mizunos one day soon(ish)
  3. pooley7

    New irons!

    I’m not looking for increased distance, but I’m getting it, by about one club. So the main purpose of the 2 degrees weak is to try to reign in the distance a bit. With the added bonus of more bounce, less offset and hopefully some added spin.
  4. My putting sucks atm and I’m working hard to fix it on my hall carpet. Does this make me a good test subject?
  5. Congratulations testers. Looking forward to seeing your feedback
  6. pooley7

    New irons!

    After 12 years of my current set (Ping S57’s) I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered a new set of custom fit Mizuno irons. After a few sessions, which involved taking a couple of different options out onto the course, I’ve placed my order for a set - 4 to PW of Mizuno MP20 irons. I’ve gone for a combo set with MP20 HMB 4 & 5 irons and MP20 MMC in the 6 to PW. KBS C Taper Lite stiff shafts, 1” longer than standard, bent 2 degrees upright and 2 degrees weaker than standard. It’s taken a few fittings to get to this final spec and I want to thank my local pro for being (very)
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply I’m in England, I don’t think Sub70 have distribution here atm I’ve been waiting for Ping to release the i210 replacement for about the last year. And I’d given up waiting. But the recent pictures of the i59 in Viktor Hovland’s bag did pique my interest I am in two minds whether to wait or not. I do have a bag that’s pretty full of Ping (12 of 14 clubs)
  8. Thanks Shapotomous I like the look of the JPX 921 Forged. As I too have a toe miss, I’ll add those to the list
  9. Glad to hear that Big Stu. I, and I’m sure plenty on here, would love to see some pictures of those and hear how they go.
  10. I’m currently going through the bag and all 14 clubs are being considered Starting with the irons, I currently have Ping S57s in the bag 4 - PW. The list of possible replacements atm reads: Muzuno MP20 HMB Srixon ZX7 Callaway Apex/Apex Pro Taylormade TP770 Ping i210 I am in my mid 50s, 5 handicap, and am looking for a players profile club with more forgiveness than my current gamers. Not particularly worried about more distance or workability. The S57s have been in the bag since they came out, so about 12 years. I’m hoping that what I choose now will h
  11. Thanks jaskanski, I don’t know how I missed that, that’s good to know. Have you used them?
  12. Hi, even though the UK is in lockdown again () so no golf, I’m getting excited because I’m on the hunt for some new clubs in the near future. The full set - except, maybe, the putter. I’ve kept my current clubs for about 10 years and hope to get the same longevity out of the new set. So while it’s not money no object, I am willing to travel and pay (if needs be) for a quality custom fit. If it’s within a few hours travelling of me in North Lincolnshire that would be a bonus. But I may be prepared to go further afield, within England, for the right fitter. Has anyone got any
  13. So, today I got an email from the pro at my club - winter studio memberships available. That’s the indoor GC Quad launch monitor/simulator to you and me. On the one hand, great, thinks I. I’m going to do that and work on my game. Rapidly followed by: shute, does that mean the season is nearly over? Again! Oh well. I’ll keep working at it and maybe NEXT year I’ll get my handicap down... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Hi, I matched the shaft exactly for the TrueFit. I got the distance increase (sometimes) that TrueFit advised. But I wasn’t accurate with it. Less accurate than my old Ping driver in fact. That’s why I decided to experiment with the Tensei Orange at 10g lighter than the recommended Tensei Blue. And it hasn’t worked. I’m still inaccurate with it no matter where I put the weights and with either shaft Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Interesting [emoji848] Thank you 2 Questions: Was it purely an “anti-hook” measure for you? And by “the random low 80’s round has not happened” I presume that means that you shoot in the 70’s or better all the time now I have a spare 6 iron for my set - the result of an unseen stone in a fairway bunker. I think it’s time for a JumboMax grip on that one, and see how that goes. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. I wasn’t sure about the shaft and at a past fitting (for hybrids) a lighter shaft was the way to go (65g for the hybrid) So, as I used to have a 55g shaft in my Ping, I’ve got a 50g Tensei Orange Stiff in it to try. One round in and I’m optimistic. I really must get to the driving range and on a launch monitor though [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Just a quick update [emoji3] Golf is back on the menu in England but with no practice area and social distancing. So that means that I’ve been able to get 5 rounds in but no practice. So I’ve probably hit my new toy about 40 times. I haven’t been able to get on a launch monitor, so have set up the driver lie angle, loft and moveable weights to my “best guess” And it seems to be working, more or less. I’ve gained distance - according to Arccos. Up from 252 yards smart distance with my Ping G series driver (which was fitted by my club pro when it came out in 2016) to 274 yards with the Mizu
  18. Graham / Grimsby, Lincolnshire UK 7.5 Ping S57 PTX Pro/Icon combo please Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. I considered it a risk worth taking too I just want to be able to get out there to give it whack Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. My dream combo Would love to hear how they go Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Things of beauty [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. For the summer, on my push cart, I like a 14 way divider. I’m a bit forgetful ( wedge left at the previous green type thing) and like peace and quiet when I’m walking and to keep my clubs in good condition. I also I hate “club clatter” as I walk So the best bag I ever had was a Bennington Quiet Organiser. It had 9 spaces for the irons, a putter well and divided space for the woods. It was easy to see all your clubs, you could soon see if an iron was missing. I’ve not got one any more and this is making me nostalgic - maybe I’ll have to get one for my next bag [emoji848][emoji38] Sent f
  23. I agree Like someone earlier said, I’d keep phoning for a while, just in case. I’ve accidentally gone home with someone’s club before when I’ve picked it up on the course. I hope that’s all that’s happened And if they have nicked it, I hope all their rounds from now on are worse than the one you had there. Much worse! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. I love the blue of the ST 180, lovely club. Hope it goes well for you Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  25. Funnily enough, the MCC+4 midsize is my current grip on my irons Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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