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  1. Eric, Chicago, IL Longtime lurker, first time testing applicant. 12.2 Index / 110 avg 3H swing speed (112-115 driver) Titleist 910H (19 deg, currently in A1 setting) Ultimately, I think I would choose to purchase the 20 degree Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid because my Exotics CBX T3 15 deg fairway wood was noticeably longer (10-15 yards carry) than the Titleist 910F 15 deg fairway wood it replaced. If the CBX 119 Hybrid is just as long (and low spinning) as its fairway brethren, then I would add the extra loft to keep my current gapping (220 hybrid; 205 4 iron) relatively similar. For testing purposes, however, I believe an apples-to-apples comparison of my current 19 deg gamer to the CBX 119 19 deg is warranted. TIA for the opportunity.
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