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  1. Eric / Chicago, IL

    2-3x per week for 15-30 min each session (50 to 100 putts).

    Per Arccos, I am averaging 4.1 three-putts per round.

    The data and fun factor are definitely important reasons why I would ultimately decide to purchase Exputt, but what interests me the most is having the ability to practice lag putting year round.  If Exputt is fairly accurate, the ability to realistically replicate lag putting would be huge for indoor practice sessions.  With Chicago weather, practicing lag putting during the off-season is next to impossible and is limited to whatever length practice mat you have.  Poor distance control in lag putts over 30' is the largest contributing factor toward my 4.1 three-putts per round (I've been fairly good inside of 6', which is the distance I can practice at home).

  2. Eric, Chicago, IL

    Longtime lurker, first time testing applicant.

    12.2 Index / 110 avg 3H swing speed (112-115 driver)

    Titleist 910H (19 deg, currently in A1 setting) 

    Ultimately, I think I would choose to purchase the 20 degree Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid because my Exotics CBX T3 15 deg fairway wood was noticeably longer (10-15 yards carry) than the Titleist 910F 15 deg fairway wood it replaced.  If the CBX 119 Hybrid is just as long (and low spinning) as its fairway brethren, then I would add the extra loft to keep my current gapping (220 hybrid; 205 4 iron) relatively similar.  For testing purposes, however, I believe an apples-to-apples  comparison of my current 19 deg gamer to the CBX 119 19 deg is warranted. 

    TIA for the opportunity.

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