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  1. Not sure about standard, maybe quite common among tour players who are provided half a dozen tour issue heads to play with. I thought hotmelt was a highly sophiscated, near-irreversable custom job for players with very specific needs, not a “standard” step during the manufacturing process. I guess this is why the retail heads come with the port plugged and the tour issues with the port left open. What really rattled me was this question, how would consumers like me know if there is hotmelt inside their $500 brand-new driver, not to mention where and how much exactly? You can only assum
  2. EXPOSED: PEEK INSIDE 9 OF THE HOTTEST DRIVERS IN GOLF https://mygolfspy.com/a-look-inside-9-drivers Quite shocking to say the least. The hotmelt is being used to bring up the head weight to their required specs at the factories. The problem is obviously it could make each head slightly different - feel, balance, and sound. Knowing this, I would be afraid to order any non-weight-adjustable woods "online". This also answers the question about why my (tour-issue) 2017 M1 460 head came with "lighter" weights than the retail model. The head (with the weights and the hosel adapter) wei
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