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  1. I when golfing the other day and got to the first green and reached for my putter and realized I left it at home. i had been putting on my carpet the day before. I had to put with my wedge the rest of the day, I found out I am really bad at it. i hit a bunch of bladed wedges 1/2 to the hole 🕳
  2. I am trying to get longer and it is not working
  3. I am not sure I Putt well enough to need Green Books. I am certain I can’t afford them
  4. BBG Be Better Golf is my YouTube guy. He is very relatable and has a lot of top teachers who really know their stuff.
  5. I played on frozen greens in 38 degree weather. Hard to stop a ball on ice. have to bounce it onto greens, of course on. Elevated green that makes it really hard. i did drive it well.
  6. My improvement is an indoor golf ball driving net in my living room. it has to go up and down every couple days. Because it doesn’t improve the ambiance of the room when guests come Over.
  7. Looking for a long driver to Bryson out.
  8. Drew, New York, New York Iphone 8 Indoors mostly With a net
  9. I say Double or triple down on your normal amount of Play!
  10. I need spikes that Grip; so I and Grip it and Rip It!
  11. Oh I keep the scores down by working Around the 3 Wood.

    I swing gripped down; Drivers off the tee instead of 3 Woods on shorter tighter holes.

    I don’t hit 3 Wood into tight greens on approach shots. For example I often would lay up short from say 230 instead of going for the green. Yes I could flush a 3 Wood on from there, but experience shows I could also but it behind a tree or bush 🌳

    A 5 iron, followed by a SW will usually do fine!

  12. I have been struggling with my 3 Wood for 20 plus years, why?? Because I miss the sweet spot and 20 plus years of struggling, is not good for my confidence.
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