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  1. I walk sometimes, but my bag Is heavy. With food, water, laser, a level, golf ball retriever, golf balls, more golf balls after I pick some up on the way around. A couple golf clubs I rarely use ( Gap Wedge ect.) I do enjoy a nice drive around the course, do I feel a bit lazy and guilty? Yeah.
  2. If Myspy tests say my Super Colorful favorite Matte Finish golf balls are hurting my score? I am depressed! What is more important to me having balls that colorful match my pants, shoes or shirt. Or a lower score What is more important to the rest of you?
  3. In Regards to those suggestioning Vijay donate all his earnings, from the event don’t hold your breath. Remember Vijay sued the PGA tour for tens of millions, after he failed a drug test. Ya think this is a guy is overly concerned about what his peers think of him?
  4. My Take is Professional Golf tournaments are business, which need to make a profit. When a big name plays, may it be a celebrity or athlete it drives up profits. This favors everyone in the field, except the dude that didn’t get a spot in the field and anyone who gets beat by Vijay; in this case. To the dude that doesn’t get the last invite and the guys Vijay beats, I say “play better”. Professional Tournament golf is a “competition”. Now would I, if I were a hall of fame player play in a minor league event? No but maybe that mentality is why I don’t dominate golf tournaments at even my local amateur level.
  5. I am going to market a ball with Four lines on the top. And one with Five lines the following year. Then a ball with Six lines the Next year. No one steal my idea before I market it. Oh oh darn too late
  6. I think I am going back to GPS this year, my hands get more shaky every year. And my ballstriking gets worse, so exact numbers matter less and are harder to get.
  7. I was intent on grounding my putter like Rickie Fowler a couple years ago and it worked ok for a month or two. Then came a 5 footer on my first hole in competition while hovering, it took 3 putts to get in the hole and Way too many on the front nine. I was doing it to relieve tension but it was adding tension. I was back to grounding it on the back nine and will never hover again.
  8. I admire you Divot Tool Users but, I have gotten dozens and used them once lost them or found it in the bottom of my bag a year later. It will always be a tee for me.
  9. Down with the Ramp! They mess up distance control and are for Lazy People! And I have a electric ball return setup to get the balls back to me.
  10. I am a Laser Guy now but am thinking of going to GPS. Why because I kind of doubt I am good enough to benefit from grater accuracy of the laser Knowing front and Back green yardage’s will be of more help.
  11. I am a habitual ball hawk and have way more then I need, easily over a thousand. Pick them up in NYC Manhattan or Queens and I will sell at a dollar a ball. Less for larger quantities.
  12. Formal Suit with Cuffs, Tails and a Bow tie.
  13. I have read a lot of replies that a fitting was great at improving, spin, distance and accuracy. Scoring not so much.
  14. Put me firmly in the Spectical of Fittings List catagory. I have been fitted a couple times and seen my my playing companions fitted many times. How many times have I seen a noticeable increase in playing abilities and scores, beyond the placebo stage. I mention placebo because often players hit a “new thing” better for a while. Long term these changes rarely last. And different fitters give vastly different fitting advice.
  15. It is good to try and hit off a Mat that doesn’t make it too easy. Lou Stagner a stats guy has data that players hit the ball, Way more accurately off golf Mats than on fairways.
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