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  1. You DO NOT want to be doing static stretches before golfing or working out! You are risking injury if you do. Instead you need to be doing a dynamic stretching routine to warm up, preferably with a little cardio beforehand to get the blood moving.

    Once you’re done working out or golfing, static stretching is awesome. Just not before either!

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  2. How often are you losing the adapter screws that this is an issue?  I don't think I've ever lost one, or had one fall out.
    FWIW Taylormade is a metric M4 screw to match the thread.  The harder part is finding the proper head on that type of screw to fit the torque wrench.
    If you just want to have a couple of extra's laying around you can find replacement screws pretty cheap on ebay.

    Lol, I’m not losing them. Just was thinking about it and thought I’d put it out there since I couldn’t find any type of answer anywhere else.

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  3. If you mean the screw that actually hold the head to the shaft via the adapter chances are no based on the slightly different torque wrench the OEMS supply. Some are interchangeable but not all.
    If you mean to put a PING head with a Callaway tip. I would suggest looking at club conex. They have a system that works on most larger companies.

    I have a few drivers from different companies. Was curious if there was an easier way to find replacement screws if needed. I’ll have to look at CC more deeply. I remember hearing about their adapters before.

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  4. So are you saying that the difference isn't a physical one as much as a mental one?  That hit v. swing is really a feel thing, rather than a specific set of movements or sequence?  I wouldn't disagree with that, and I can see a change in feel (I need to "hit" a little more) as a productive thing for some players, and a detriment for others.

    Absolutely. I could have zero intent when signaling my body to hit the ball, or I could have an intent to hit down on it, hit up on it, hit the back of the ball, etc. Same with a “swing” thought. I could swing at the ball, swing at a target down the range or hole, swing through the ball, etc.

    I think you can be successful with either, but you must have an intent that serves your goal with regards to what you want the ball to do. I think this is where a lot of amateurs miss out and something instruction in general doesn’t discuss often enough or at all. A lot of issues can be solved in a swing, just by specifying the task and giving your mind and body intent.

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  5. There can be a difference, but there doesn’t have to be a difference between a swinger and a hitter. There are high hdcps and low hdcps in both camps. The only thing that really matters is intent and the task you decide on applying to the “hit” or “swing”. Your body is great at completing any task you give it.

    You can “hit” the ball in any manner you can think of, just as you can “swing” through or at the ball in any manner. Intent is the key.

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  6. I guess I didn't really frame my question correctly or maybe just mixed up the terminology. Go figure that'd happen talking about golf!


    I remember reading about the work done with Iron Byron and the engineers estimated the centrifugal force (or centripetal, or torque, or inertia, or however you like to define it) was around 100 lbs of force for a 100 mph swing.


    I can't find that straight from the horses mouth though, only through others citing it, without referencing the data.



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