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  1. Richard California 2016 Taylormade M2 10.5/Fujikura Pro 50 (50g) Regular Flex 93-95 mph My friends are all relative big hitters, ranging from 270-290 yards total on average with the occasional 300+ yard drive that makes you reconsider your life choices. Most of them grew up playing baseball and picked up golf in their teens if not earlier. I grew up playing hockey and didn't find my love for this crazy game till about a year ago. I've been playing catch up since then. Through my previous experiences with hockey I have implemented the concept of over speed training to increase skating speed where you pull a player behind you with varying restance and also skate while being pulled by a bungee cord to train your body/brain to move your feet faster. As for golf, I've been actively working on my driver for the past month by going to the range 3 times a week and it has paid off. My banana slice has turned into a proper fade and I am now in a place where I feel like I can really get at the ball. Merely trying to swing faster has resulted in mixed results. When I flush it, I can just about reach the back of the range (marked at 258) with their limited flight balls, which correspond to my gps measured drives on the course (267). But of course when trying to swing out of your shoes you don't always find the center and occasionally my timing breaks down and a slice that makes people on your right stop and look down the line to see which idiot is hitting balls perpendicular to the range shows up. On the launch monitor my comfortable swing measures in at 93-95 mph and when I hit the gas my swing speed comes in at 98-103 mph. Being able to swing at 103-105 mph while staying in control would be a dream. I already have some ideas on how to best document and review my experiences with the SuperSpeed golf system and my weekly routine already involves several hours working on my golf game. I believe I can provide a review that the forum members here can relate too and benefit from as they pursue longer distances off the tee.
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