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  1. do you play an illegal ball today? Would you care if your playing partners played with an illegal ball?
  2. My dad, passed 5 years ago. Along with my daughter. can he go to a baseball game with my son after? Is that in the rules?
  3. Finished my first winter session with the stack. Speed up from 118 to 122. Going to take a week off and then start again. This time my goal is a grit score of 100%.
  4. I believe you didn’t account for multiplying the speed gains x 5. The formula is (current speed x 0.4) + (5 x speed gains)
  5. I'd like to join. On 11/1 my driver speed was 118. Not a fan of the calculation for rewarding the winner. Someone with a 90 mph swing speed is going to have a much easier chance of hitting 99 mph (10% increase) than I will of getting up to 130 (also 10% increase). But whatever, good to be part of the community of folks getting stronger. PRGR, TheStack, Fit for Golf
  6. I got a pair of these. The hardware seems great but I am not too thrilled with the app. Seems like a lot of work to record every swing. I wish there was a way I could just see what happened on a 5 second delay, so I could hit my ball, look up, and see the movement of my weight shift.
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