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  1. 6 hours ago, ejgaudette said:

    So new scoring system is up and scoring had been adjusted to the following system.

    Starting Speed * 0.27 + Speed Increase

    In looking at the data it looks like say getting to 36 points will be a good score. This will take @Golfspy_TCB needs to gain 12 mph, I would need to add 8 mph, someone @Getoffmylawn would need to add 6 mph and @edingc would need to add 5 mph while @AndySP would need to add about 3.5 mph. So I think it will come down to decimal points, so be sure to get that average of 3 wing accurate in March as it may decide the winner.

    I think this scoring keeps everything fair given this will only last 5 months and we have to span about 30 mph of starting speed .4 was just too high for the starting speed. Good luck everyone and lets go get it.


    I believe you didn’t account for multiplying the speed gains x 5.  The formula is (current speed x 0.4) + (5 x speed gains)

  2. I'd like to join.  On 11/1 my driver speed was 118.  

    Not a fan of the calculation for rewarding the winner.  Someone with a 90 mph swing speed is going to have a much easier chance of hitting 99 mph (10% increase) than I will of getting up to 130 (also 10% increase).  But whatever, good to be part of the community of folks getting stronger.

    PRGR, TheStack, Fit for Golf

  3. I got a pair of these.  The hardware seems great but I am not too thrilled with the app.  Seems like a lot of work to record every swing.  I wish there was a way I could just see what happened on a 5 second delay, so I could hit my ball, look up, and see the movement of my weight shift.  

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