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  1. That site is a lot of pump and dump from the members there. They will hype it up as it was the best thing out there and then the next thing you know its on the for sale list. None of the JDM stuff is going be better than what's in the mainstream market here in the US. The resale market is limited to that forum only. Expect to pay a premium for those clubs with very little resale value here in the US. Some of those house brand like SEVEN will be hyped up like crazy by the owner and he'll charge like $3k for a set of irons that is unproven in technology but based on looks, pictures, and probably some china factory models he found. You're better off sticking with the US products. They will tend recommend the most expensive brands only. Keep an eye on the forums for awhile and make your own judgement before you purchase anything. Just keep in mind that there is no resale value for some of the items here in the US.
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