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  1. I finally got it to work. I had to go in thru the link in the email to get the code to work.
  2. My son has been playing the PR-202 irons for most of this season. He had been playing the Cobra CB/MB irons for 2 years and the AP2s before that, he love the PR-202s. They feel very soft and have some forgiving, like the AP2s. I looked at getting a set also but ended up with PXGs. The Grindworks USA group were very good to deal with, he was able to hit a demo club before he decided to buy.
  3. I also tried the code and it would not work.
  4. Paul West Bloomfield, MI I walk 99% of my rounds at my club (2-3 rounds per week) Bag Boy Quad XL cart
  5. Paul...West Bloomfield, Mi I have used one a long time ago I have access to a Garmin
  6. 4.7 - Michigan Callaway Rogue Pro 5-PW. 8 iron - 140 yds They are a direct to consumer golf company offering a full line up of woods, irons, wedges and putters. There iron offerings are primarily forged irons to suit a wide variety of players.
  7. At my club we can walk or ride. I prefer to walk & use a push cart..my back can’t take carrying a bag at my age! I do occasionally take a cart especially when it’s very hot or we play a few days in a row. it is good exercise and I do think I’m more focused on my game when I can walk.
  8. Paul - Michigan 5 Callaway Rogue Pro 140-145 yards
  9. first Name/State or Country of residence: Paul / Michigan Handicap: 4.7 Current irons in Play: Titliest 816 T-MB The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 145 yds
  10. Tempo and transition have more to do with what shafts you should play than swing speed. A smooth 100 mph is a lot different than a quick 100 mph.
  11. Paul / Michigan 4.4 / Driver 95 mph TaylorMade TP5x I have play the Z Star XV a few years ago
  12. Paul..Michigan 4.3 — 95 mph Ping G400 10.5* CB Alta stiff G410 Plus
  13. Your first name: TBCC Home state: Michigan Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping G400/ping cb stiff/65grams Current swing speed: 95mph
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