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  1. I do wonder if Copse will need to be reprofiled to slow the cars down moving forward after back to back years with drivers ending up in hospital for observation after high speed crashes there
  2. I will add, and this is something these books touch on, the key to scoring better is to avoid mistakes. It's not all about making more birdies. Playing away from trouble, not taking on the hero shot in recovery situations, etc, these are the incremental gains you can make quite easily to lower your scores. Don't compound mistakes. Take your medicine and move on. Another thing to consider doing if you aren't already is tracking your shots using something like arccos, shotscope, or something of the sorts. Doing this, especially if the system provides strokes gained data, will allow you to see where you're losing strokes on the course and what you need to work on. Lastly, expectation management is a huge thing. I think most golfers expect too much of themselves. I know I struggle with this. I barely get to play or even practice but I still fight with the expectation to play around bogey golf even though I haven't done that in many years. All of this is touched on in these books but figured I'd add some of the key points.
  3. Jon Sherman - The Four Foundations of Golf Mark Broadie - Every Shot Counts Raymond Floyd - The Elements of Scoring I'm currently reading Jon Sherman's book, have read Broadie's and own Floyd's (just haven't read it yet but it's been recommended by Scott Fawcett of DECADE).
  4. Interesting comments from Fred Couples saying he doesn't think he'll ever talk to Phil again after Phil's defection to LIV...
  5. I'm fairly certain LIV was going to toss obscene amounts of money at as many players as they could regardless of how any of the established tours responded. Obscene starting salaries was the big selling point of LIV in the first place. It wasn't a response from LIV to the PGA Tour suspending defectors or even a response to the PGA Tour saying it would. It was the plan all along.
  6. Is it in casual play or competitive play? It is a bit of a stretch on ready golf but if it's a casual game, I don't personally have an issue with it. Could be both a rules violation and a breach of etiquette in a competitive setting.
  7. I'm also one who has a strong dislike of offset and big bulky irons. It's why I went with the 0311T irons of the PXG range. I'd rather play a hybrid than a bulky offsetted longer iron, which is why I only went to a 5 iron with my new bag. Obviously you won't be going with PXG, but lots of great players club options out there and any decent fitter will be able to get you into a set that meets your eye. Will be interesting to see what you end up with.
  8. Some more info on Fitzy's work with The Stack... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/matt-fitzpatrick-us-open-the-stack-system-speed-training-aid
  9. Statement from Nick Faldo about his future as an analyst... https://twitter.com/NickFaldo006/status/1539175567416868865?t=De5KT1V0ktqom9NbWN-ZSw&s=19
  10. I know he's been doing overspeed training with The Stack which has been part of it. Apart from that, he's probably been putting in work in the gym as well.
  11. Luckily in Canada, all of the channel swaps are done for me as the broadcast is all shown on one channel here.
  12. Here's a link to the yardage book for the composite course that is being played this week. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/lists/yardage-book-the-country-club-composite-course-2022-u-s-open/ There is some SERIOUS slope to those greens. Attached are the round 1 hole locations.
  13. Mike Whan just made it abundantly clear that he could foresee a day where it's harder for LIV players to make it into the US Open. We'll see where this goes.
  14. Looks like I should have tried to bring my moveable weight utility iron I designed for my capstone project in 2017 to market lol Interesting to see someone doing this though. Moving the weights around won't really do much from a horizontal gear effect pov (don't get much horizontal gear effect in irons as the cg is too close to the face) but should help with club face rate of rotation which should help improve strike.
  15. The PGA Tour is doing what they believe is right in order to protect itself from an outside competitor. Whether the avenue they've gone down is correct or not, only time will tell. I do think some of the defectors to LIV had been suckered by Norman and his "independent contractor" BS. The PGA Tour has always had rules for its membership and in particular for players wishing to play conflicting events on other Tours. Do you think Samsung would allow one of its cell phone engineers to ask for a release to work for Apple making cell phones for them periodically? Absolutely not. Even the corporation I work for considers working a similar position at a competing corporation a fireable offense. Yeah, corporations have done collaborative projects with other corporations but those usually come with a benefit for each corporation. There's no benefit for the PGA Tour in collaborating with LIV. Ultimately, LIV is proving to be a disruptive force already and the PGA Tour will need to adapt to this and quickly. There are some things LIV is doing that I agree with, but there are many others that I don't and to be quite honest, the cons severely outweigh the pros for me to a point where I don't have any interest in watching any of it, no matter how many names they poach from the PGA Tour. At the end of the day, I love golf and if LIV becomes the future of professional golf, then so be it. There's other sports I can watch and playing golf is almost always better than watching.
  16. Interesting article... https://www.sportinglife.com/golf/news/liv-golf-invitational-at-centurion-ben-coley-reflections-on-saudi-arabia-backed-golf-tournament/201425
  17. This final round is about the best response to LIV the PGA Tour could have had.
  18. LIV is the golf media gift that keeps on giving... https://twitter.com/AlanShipnuck/status/1534967484788289536?t=yseunvK38SZ_INQwB8MTag&s=19
  19. I'm not much for the team stuff to be honest. I wouldn't mind it for like offseason exhibitions and stuff like that for a bit of fun but as far as actual competitive golf, not a big fan of it. It would be cool to have some crossover exhibition team events between the PGA and the LPGA though. A big thing for me would be to shorten the PGA Tour season. The wraparound schedule I've never liked. We don't need 50 tournaments a year. Another thing would be to give out a liveable base salary to anyone with a PGA Tour card and for their caddies. Something that helps cover the costs of travel expenses, coaching and management fees, and general cost of living, etc. Extend that to the feeder tours as well. I'm also not a big fan of the current format of the Tour Championship. It's definitely done its job of simplifying the process of handing out the FedEx Cup but all we get now are thinkpieces on how x player actually won the tournament but only lost cause y player started 6 shots ahead. The old method was entirely too complicated so I wouldn't want that to come back. My suggestion back when they were considering changing it was to have a 16-player match play bracket for the FedEx Cup. Top 30 still make it to East Lake but the Top 8 players in the rankings going in get automatic byes into the bracket. Remaining 22 players play 36 holes of stroke play to fill out the remainder of the bracket. Match play can be a bit boring when there's not many players on the course but I think it would be a better option than past and current formats.
  20. New putter is here. 50° wedge is backordered due to supply chain issues at TM. Estimated build date is July 25.
  21. First round in about two years and first time hitting balls. Played about as badly as I expected. Hit a few decent shots and made a couple pars. Was pretty consistent though, same score on both nines.
  22. Ordered my usual shoe size and turns out I needed to order a size and a half down as they were huge. No Hyperflex Boa in that size so I've ordered the tour alpha boa instead. Also ordered a pair of laced tour alphas in the wrong size too so will have to return those. Ordered the correct size on those already. Usually wear 11.5 but apparently I'm a 10 in FJ sizing lol
  23. Shotscope pro LX+ rangefinder/GPS/tracker Footjoy Hyperflex Boa shoes
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