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    Maxfli Tour

    Which ball you play has very little impact on your score unless you’re scratch, and probably not even then. I’ve been a single digit handicapper most of my adult life (currently 6.7 index, up from 3.5), and I play whatever I find in the bushes or the creek. I especially like Top Flites because my playing companions are so outraged by them. The only exception is a ball that is obviously damaged. Mower cuts, bubbles on the surface. I won’t play those more than one round.
  2. Sounds like ball-bound tension. Find a way to be moving before you start the takeaway… a waggle, hovering the club and starting in front of the ball, anything except grounding the club behind the ball and starting from a static position. Also monitor grip pressure. Start light to medium and don’t increase it. These things work for me.
  3. Gullbyrd

    Urethane or not?

    Here’s the truth. It doesn’t matter what ball you play unless you’re a plus handicapper. My index is currently 3.5 and I prefer Top Flites, but I generally play whatever I find, mostly water balls. It makes no difference. You’re paying for marketing and status.
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