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  1. Much rather walk than ride. Have been using push carts for about 8-10 years. Have tried this brand in the past.
  2. I still like the Titleist VG3 and Grand Z. A little hard to get but love the feel and performance. Something about that finish I also like. The numbering 33:55:77 different but good by me.
  3. Going with a cut line at +1 Tiger at -2 after second round. Go Masters!!!
  4. Golf day starts like all other days with a morning stretching program. Core Four, yoga stretches, pushups and a few more moves depending on the day of the week. Make sure to eat breakfast before I leave for the course, always taking water container. Once there pull out the over weighted driver and swing 10-12 times left handed then 10-12 right handed. Head to the putting green to check the speed and make sure my putter face is in alignment with my target line by stroking 6-8’ straight putts. Then a few 20-30’ putts. Switch then to my bump and run 8 iron from just outside the fringe area, getting a feel for line and speed. If time …to the range for some 50-100-150yard shots, 5 or so drives then to the first tee. Pull out the orange whip for a dozen left hand then s dozen right hand swings for tempo. Then Hope for the Best.
  5. Love to walk. Carried forever but went to a push cart about 10 years ago. Find I focus more on the next shot when walking plus feel better after. There are a few courses around here that try to discourage walking by designing 300/400 yards between green and tee. Walk those anyway, on occasion.
  6. Give Old South a try. Not expensive but fun
  7. I really like Harbor Town but if not that then Old South. Every time we go down I think of those two first. I don’t know why Old South maybe it’s those target holes fit my eye. The price is right also.
  8. I heard Lee Trevino say relatively late in his career when asked how many wedges he normally carried in his bag, (one and when I think I can hit that pretty well I might try a second one) Just another perspective from a player who had a decent short game.
  9. I think so. I was fitted this summer at a small independent golf shop in Columbus Ohio. Their policy was we fit you for a charge of $50 but, if you buy your clubs from us we wave the fitting fee. Even if you find preowned clubs at their shop. I purchased new from them. They are great people. And busy.
  10. Have been using this technique for 2 seasons now. Read a few books on it and started experimenting. Found I got the ball to the hole much better on 20’ putts and in. Also have heard and have verified that even if you don’t use it on the course it is a great way to improve your putting by practicing this method. I was really bad on 5’-6’ and shorter putts now they are almost automatic if relatively straight.
  11. If you can’t play HarborTown which is extremely nice and not as difficult as one might think Shipyard is a good choice. One of my favorites is Old South which is across the bridge. We always try to play that at least once a trip.
  12. Pooley7 I feel for you. The wait is unbearable. I ordered new Mizuno irons also this spring from a small shop here in Columbus, Ohio and still waiting. I got fitted for the JPX921 Hot Metal Pros. Can’t wait to get them. I’m sure they know my phone number by heart by now. Even called the factory (don’t bother…doesn’t help, but they were nice)
  13. Welcome to the forums Joefreddy :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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