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    Golf, golf equipment, golf courses, golf clubs, golf carts, golf vacations, and kittens (just kidding about the kittens, I'm allergic).
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    Just searching the web for golf info. Great site t

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  1. First Name and Location Joseph Rockville MD Swing Speed 95 Current Ball Snell MTBX Preference: Tour or Tour X Tour X
  2. Joe from Rockville, MD 90-95 I was using Chrome Supersoft, but just bought 2 boxes of Snell MTB-X based on your article. I can't tell the difference in feel, and seem to be hitting them as well as the Chromes. I have just switched to Snell (played 1 round with them). I can't tell the difference in feel, and seem to be hitting them as well as the Chromes.
  3. Bummer - but really happy for the five selected. Can't wait to hear the results. Go Blue for the Michigan selectee!
  4. Name: Joseph Tirrell, Rockville Md, 50+ rounds per year. Since I’m in Maryland I can golf year round and during the summer I try to get two rounds a weekend in but you know, work and life get in the way of golf games. My wife wants me to play more though so anything you can do to get me out the house would be great - fewer arguements over the Netflix remote! Social Media Accounts: what’s social media? I have LinkedIn but my jobs really makes other social media difficult. Sorry That’s probably a deal breaker! Handicap: I have 40 rounds on my Arccos and it says my handicap is 27.2. Arccos is awesome and has been a great help in my game. I’ve been playing for about 2 years and I think the Arccos has been the best purchase I have made golf wise. Current set: Ping G400 driver wood and hybrids. F8 irons ( variable length) and CBX wedges with a Seemore putter. All with Arccos. (Hey I could just transfer that over-just trying to sweeten the pot). Desired Cobra Set: hey if you’re going to loan me free golf stuff I’ll take it! I’m not picky. But if I have to pick I would appreciate the F9 single length irons (because I want to see if that works for me) and matching wedges. I need the cart bag though because I always walk (got to stay fit right) and have a push cart. In the end if you just send a MGS golf towel I’ll take that and just tell people how nice you guys are. Love the site and thanks!
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