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  1. Justin/ Avondale, AZ Currently use The Grint to track scores/handicap and GPS distances.
  2. Would absolutely love this opportunity! 1. Justin, in the great state of Arizona. 2. 24 hcp with a 105 driver swing speed. 3. Cobra F7 with the Fujukura Pro 60 Regual Flex shaft. 4. G410 Plus
  3. Personally, I was wary of fakes and/or misrepresentation of the club I wanted to purchase. In the end, after research and looking at the sellers rating, I purchased a set of Mizuno JPX 850 Forged 4 - PW for $200. They did have some wear on the face, especially the 7 iron, and were longer and more upright than I needed. However, I had a shop nearby fix the lie angle and I just choke down. The wear wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I believe I got an absolute steal! In fact, my first time out with the irons resulted in a near hole-in-one on a 190 yd par 3.
  4. I don't even know where to begin with this one! I guess I should start at the beginning. My very first time at the driving range was in high school with my dad. Obviously wasn't hitting it well, but was enjoying myself. Decided to call it a day after I let go of the club and it flew OVER the fence to my left about 75 yards away! My second story involves a course with houses lining nearly every fairway. I was slicing soo badly that day, that I hit 10 houses! The only good thing is that 8 of those bounced back into the fairway
  5. Crickets in this thread for a while. Any updates? I also noticed that Bridgestone's website still lists these clubs as "Coming Soon". Anyone have any updates when we might start seeing these in stores?
  6. With season 2 of Driver vs. Driver ending in November, I would bet that they would try to carry the marketing momentum forward into the new year by introducing new irons within a few months of the driver being released.
  7. I personally believe that a rollback or bifurcation would be horrible for the game! For one, statistics show that for amateurs, distance has slightly decreased over the last few years. The only area that has shown an increase is on tour. Which leads to my next point... If there were separate rules for professional equipment and amateur equipment, many of the tour events and players would begin losing sponsors. Titelist, Cobra, Ping, Taylormade, etc. could no longer say "play the same club that your favorite pro plays". That is a huge marketing strategy that they would lose if the rules were b
  8. Bummed to hear that since there are no Club Champions in Phoenix, AZ. Do they charge for the test drive program?
  9. Thank you guys for your responses! I can't wait to try one. On another note, how is the gapping? I think it may be more of a problem with the HF1s, but it looks like the HF2s go from 2* gap between the 4 and 5 to a 6* between the wedges?
  10. I went to Golf Galaxy to try some irons and left disappointed. For one, I do not think the LM was accurate as it stated my swing speed varied from 48 to 72 mph and that I only hit my 7-iron 130 yards. In fact, I consistently hit my 7-iron 155 yards at the range and on the course. With that being said, the employee gave me a Taylormade M4 that was 2* flat and it made a world of difference in the quality of contact that I was making with the ball. All this to say, I think that a basic fitting for a high handicap player can make a significant difference. Unfortunately, I can't bend my 13-year
  11. Congratulations to the testers selected! I look forward to your reviews of this potentially game-changing approach to fitting!
  12. I cannot wait to see how these play out. As a high handicapper who has begun hitting their irons better and more consistently lately, I am drooling at the prospect of a forged game-improvement iron!
  13. So I shot my first 90 yesterday and decided I need new irons. My current gamers are Taylormade RAC CGB with a regular flex graphite shaft. My typical miss with these irons is a strong fade to the right (for some reason I have a problem leaving the face open). I have usually struggled with my irons, but have started to hit them more consistently. The problem is that I shortened and slowed down my swing in order to do so. Even with that being said, I still consistently hit my 7-iron 150 to 160 yards. I went to Golf Galaxy and tried several of their irons and even took my old 7-iron in to compa
  14. I appreciate the welcomes! I hope to stick around quite a bit as I am extremely interested in all aspects of the game. geez2323 - I will have to look the speed trap up. It looks interesting!
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