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  1. Sunday : final day Impressive ambiance at the “Golf National”. There were 80 000 people today, who were almost all gathered around holes 1 & 2 at the beginning of matches. People around me were very confident about the final results, so I became a little nervous hoping it was not the same feeling inside the EU Team. I chose to sit around green number 1, where I could also see the second shots of hole 1, and also hole number 2. I stayed at this strategic position from Rory/Thomas until Garcia/Fowler, then I directly moved to green 9, where I caught Rory/Thomas and I waited for Tiger/Rahm because I understood at this point it could be one of the “key matches”. Then I followed Tiger/Rahm until the end, but always managed to keep also an eye on Poulter/Johnson very closely, especially from 12 to 15, and then of course 17 & 18. Honestly when Rory lost at the 18, we all started to worry, and the US supporters were singing louder than us. Casey was still 1 down against Koepka. Game was over for Rose and Fleetwood. Tiger was back All Square against Rahm on 12, and played very well at this point. Dustin Johnson was leading by 1 up against Poulter. Reed and Dechambeau were also up. So my brother and I, we were counting only 4 points for EU: Molinari, Stenson, Olesen, and Garcia. Meaning 14. Meaning one half point was missing. I saw Thomas Bjorn walking alone one 18th fairway... strange feeling. Maybe he was counting too. Then what happened? 1/ Casey made this huge drive on 17. I can’t believe he had a GW in his hands for the second shot, and stuck to the flag with it. 5 minutes later, he brought this half point “missing” 2/ Tiger made a mistake on the 13. I told you two days ago that 13 could be the “pivot hole”. After his tee-shot, Tiger was on the rough on the left. That’s impossible to save the par, and Rahm took back the lead. 3/ Dustin made exactly the same mistake. 13, rough on the left. He tried to reach the green, but the ball went into water hazard. Poulter came back all square, then he became “ON FIRE” and won 14 &15, going from 1 down to 2 up. The 3 last holes are just amazing from both players, but Poulter wasn't missing anything. Dustin needed unbelievable shots to come back. He did one, with this long putt on the 16, but Poults was on track to win anyway When Poulter won on the 18, that was over. I think USA needed 5 points after the 6 first matches. Furyk did a good choice, that was close at some point, but Europe finally made 2 and a half against 3 and a half. Conclusion: I think Europe won because they know very well this course, and some of the players played at their best. Molinari won 5 points, he’s the hero of the week. Fleetwood and Rahm also revealed themselves as very good rookies. And what I can say about Poulter, Stenson, Garcia ? I had serious doubts about Garcia before this week, but all of them played their best golf during this competition. They really are "Ryder Cup's Players". I still believe US players are individually better. Justin Thomas has been the leader, and Finau will be an asset for you for the next ryder cups. Simpson, Koepka, even Jordan Spieth made their parts of the job, and fought with the right attitude. But Mickelson and Dechambeau were wrong picks from Furyk. Maybe Shauffele and Kisner (I think Kisner would have been brilliant on this course) would have brought some important points. I’am also very disappointed by Ricky Fowler. He was frustrated all the time this week. I think you will have your revenge in two years. But it’s a little sad, because I’m not sure Phil & Tiger will be here in two years, and I don’t want them to quit after this bad Ryder Cup. To conclude, it has been a great week. We were conscious to organize the Ryder Cup in France was a “once lifetime opportunity”, and I hope it will help to develop Golf in France. Just for you to know, only 300 000 people play golf in France (population: 70 millions), but I hope this huge event will inspire some kids and more people to try this sport. I watched closely all the players from both teams this week, and they are all very professional. During practice days, they all spent some time with fans, kids, and always thanks all the people from organization, staff, volunteers, etc. I saw many times US Players took a long time to understand “French fans” who were not speaking a very good English, and answered them the best they can. They were always smiling and giving a good “image” of this sport. At the end, it is the most important.
  2. Saturday's report : competition Day 2 I hope you enjoy “the fight” as much as I am. But I also hope you like our National Golf Course. We don't have in France so many good courses, like you have in the US or like in the UK, but there are a few we very are proud of, and the “Albatros” is definitely one of them. (And I must confess I'm happy to see that it is not an “easy one” for golf -superstars of both teams). Today, the light was absolutely beautiful (I took some pictures) and gave “goldy colors” to the hills, fairways, roughs, and greens. “Magnifique” we say. But we also had this very cold wind (everybody was freezing this morning, while waiting for the first Tee shots), which was not so strong but very disturbing for all the players (I guess you saw that on TV), and strangely was on the opposite direction that it used to be. I was a bit upset yesterday to woke up early, but not enough to get the spot I wanted for the 1st Tee-Shot. My wife told me yesterday in the bed to sleep more, and come later to avoid the mess. So I did exactly the opposite she said, and woke up earlier than yesterday, to be sure to win “the other fight”: me against the crowd. And it worked! J Anyway. Today was about to keep the ball on fairways. That is exactly what Molinari & Fleetwood (who are now almost euro-national heroes) did for the last two days ; and even if it “easy to say”, I think the Americans took a very bad start this morning, by taking too many risks from the tee. They only understood once they all arrived at holes 7, 8, or 9. It was already too late in many matches, even if I've been impressed by the way Finau & Koepka “almost” turned things upside-down against Garcia & McIlroy. Clearly, the more we were winning points, the more the crowd was singing, clapping and chearing louder (much louder than yesterday I believe), and it also became a additional factor against USA, in addition to “cold wind” and “Thomas Björn's special rough”. I was happy to see “Garcia's resurrection”. I thought yesterday, he won with Noren just because Mickelson & Dechambeau were completely “out”. But this morning, Garcia did a very good job and was “decisive” with this magic putt on hole 10 to make a very important birdy, and of course at the 17 to win (I was just behind him, it was just a great moment of golf) I'm not surprised by “Casey & Hatton's victory”. First because I saw yesterday afternoon that Fowler was very tired and frustrated for some reasons. Secondly because I was sure Casey and Hatton would play better than yesterday. Yesterday it was hard at the beginning because there are both rookies, but they played much better golf from 10 to 18. Today, they played very good and aggressive golf like they did at practice session all this week. There will be tough opponents Sunday too. Thanks to Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, you stayed in live. From my point of view, the 4 players (including Rahm and Poulter) played at a very good level. Probably the best match of this morning. After morning-sessions, I heard many US supporters talked. They were very “pissed off” against Tiger and against Furyk's pairing choices. They were also discussing about a tweet from Butch Harmon, who said something like “US players don't have the skills to play this course” Well, I am no one to judge, but I “very respectfully” disagree with Butch, and I think the problems are not Furyk's choices, but 2 other things : 1/ First, I think the US players don't know the course enough. I was surprised to see only one US-Team player at the French National Open this year. The only one was Justin Thomas…. And who is the best US player since the beginning of this Ryder Cup ? Justin Thomas. I can understand why US Players stayed on PGA and on US-sole (sponsors, money, FedEx Points, Agenda, etc). But for preparing the Ryder Cup, I think to spend 5 days in Paris in June was manageable (like I said, Justin Thomas did). I am sure, they have the skills (they are unbelievably good, and I always think they are much stronger than Europeans whatever the course), but they don't know this course enough. 2/ Secondly, I think there is a problem of communication. Not between players, but between Furyk's and his Vice-Captains from one side, and players from another side. On the course, I saw guys like Koepka or Reed looking for help when they were on troubles, didn't find anyone from US Team (they were there, but not there), and finally decided to talk to… Westwood or other European vice-captains. Strange. Sometimes, when you play golf, you don't need advices you just need to talk and you to need to smile, and you need to laugh with someone. But if your own captain or vice-captain are making “a funeral face”, you don't want to talk to that guy, and in fact you just don't need that guy with you at all. Anyway, I'm glad you manage to make 2/2 in the afternoon, because I was afraid it could be worse. 10/6 it is a big advantage, but nothing is over. To finish I will make some stupid bets on tomorrow's face to face : 1/ J. Thomas win 2/ Koepka win (but close) 3/ Rose win 4/ Rahm 5/ Finau (but I love Tommy, so I hope not, and I think it will close and maybe match of th day) 6/ Dustin Johnson 7/ SPieth 8/ Garcia 9/ Molinari 10/ Hatton 11/ Stenson 12 / Noren
  3. Friday : Competition Day 1 What a long day. I woke up at 4:30AM and arrived to the National Golf Course at 6:00AM to get a good spot for Tee#1. But there were already about 20000 crazy people waiting in line to enter golf facilities, and I spend almost 2H to get in. I don't know how, but I finally managed to find “a small view” from a little hill (not very good), about 50 yards from the back-tees. They told us 60 000 people were standing here, when Koepka/Finau Rose/Rahm arrived. That was quite impressive. It was colder than yesterday, but the wind stayed calm (it was a bit stronger this afternoon). Here are some pictures (yesterday and today's pictures) It was an amazing experience – Ryder Cup in just a totally unique event. At some point I was worried than it could be too easy for Americans, but Molinari & Fleetwood kept our head out of water. 3/1 is totally different from 4/0 like 2 years ago. And I was confident than our “big guys”, who used to play together in Ryder Cup (like Rose/Stenson or Poulter/McIlroy) could fill the gap in the afternoon. But I think Americans give away these “afternoon matches”, especially Fowler (maybe tired?) and of course Phil & DeChambeau. Maybe you like DeChambeau, but I think he doesn't have the skills to play “European golf” (not good enough from rough around the green). From my point of view, he will have a hard week here. But I might be wrong: so many people criticize this guy, and I guess he already proved many times we are all wrong about him. I think Furyk should use again and again Koepka & Finau. Especially Koepka. Like I said yesterday, they played excellent golf from the beginning of this week, and it was honestly quite a performance to defeat Rose/Rahm. I think it was the best game today, in term of golf performance. Koepka just missed a few putts at the beginning, and Finau was a bit nervous, but then they played at a very high level. Anyway, Europe leads 5 to 3. I saw Thomas Bjorn spoke to Rory after his lost this morning (Rory was clearly mentally affected). Our captain probably chose the right words. I think Furyk's words tonight would be very important too.
  4. Thursday : last practice day & opening ceremony What a beautiful day. Warm and very sunny. Perfect conditions for playing golf, perfect conditions for enjoying the show. Things became very serious today. Clearly we feel now how much we are close to the competition. First, the crowd doubled compared to Tuesday & Wednesday. The public is not only French: people from all across Europe arrived today, and the first US supporters too. And so, the atmosphere changed and became much much... much more noisy. And I can tell you, there is already a lot of « tension » between the European Supporters and Patrick Reed. I was watching the first tee shot of all US players this morning. Patrick Reed was in the last group with Tiger, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. When Reed arrived at the 1st tee, some parts of the crowd were « hostile », so he decided to provoke a bit by asking people « to boo louder ». You can imagine than people react by making huge noise so he couldn't play. After a few minutes of massive noise, he decided to engage anyway while the crowd were still yelling at loud. Perfect shot, right in the middle of the fairway. Patrick Reed turned himself face to the public, and make another provocative sign to the public. People around me were literally « enraged »... It's gonna be very intense tomorrow. It was about 45000 people today, and they will be even more tomorrow. Secondly, things changed because both teams played very seriously today, like if the competition already started. They all play 9 holes (some of them played in foursome like Reed & Woods, so people who wait 2 hours at the first tee to see Tiger's swing very closely were very disappointed). I personally spent more time today following the Europeans. Especially Rory/Olesen (both played very good golf today) and Molinari/Poulter (not a very good day for Poults, but I strongly believe he will be playing 4 balls with Molinari tomorrow afternoon). But the best players were behind them, especially Rose, Stenson, and Fleetwood made a great job today (it was harder for Rahm). In the last group, it was still very difficult for Garcia (like previous days). Honestly from a fan perspective, I'm happy to have Sergio in the team, but I don't think he will play a lot. He will be our « joker » if we are loosing, and looking for someone who can « mentally change things ». But I was surprised, in a very good way by Paul Casey. He's very long, et he played very aggressive. He could be an asset. Then I assisted to the opening ceremony. I really appreciated it. Furik made a very emotional speech, then of course all the fans had plenty of time to make some noise for Tiger. With the presentation of the players of each team grows the intensity of fan's support. Both sides are trying to make more noise than the other, and to put pressure on the opponent. Very fun. The truth is I'm honestly very tired already after these 3 all days, but so excited that I'm'sure to be up at 5:00 AM tomorrow :-) Last point, about foursome teams tomorrow. I strongly believe Koepka-Finau is the « unbeatable team ». They play just perfect golf for the last 3 days (long & straight), and they seem totally NOT affected by pressure at all. Obviously we all saw Koepka won 3 Majors with almost no pressure on Sunday... And Finau seems in the same mental disposition. Team 2, and 3 : You have two superstar (DJ and Justin Thomas) who will be helping Ricky and Spieth to find their best golf. Of course, team 4 is the other « unbeatable team ». Woods and Reed, fire and light are associated. I can not imagine the noise and the crowd behind this team tomorrow. I think Thomas Bjorn chose another strategy by putting together one « long hitter », and one « precision player » in each team : like Rory (long)&Olesen or Fleetwood (long)&Molinari, like Rahm (long) &Rose (Rose is precise and long anyway), and of course Casey (long) with Hatton. He also made the choice to keep « Wheapons « for the afternoon and not launch all his best players the first early morning. Risky but smart. Notes for myself concerning players: Fleetwood & Rahm would be key players. If they play like rookies, we have zero chance. If they play like true PGA stars, everything is possible. Notes for myself concerning the course: be careful to hole number 13. It is not supposed to be a hard one, but rough is very dense on the left, and water comes fast on the right. There will be some accidents there. Number 14, par 5, hard for many of them to touch the green in two. But they almost all gonna try. I bet they all chose the driver, and give their best shot. Could be spectacular.
  5. Wednesday : practice day 2. Very interesting what I saw today. It seems than Furyk has a strict "preparation programm” and all the players stick with it. Let me explain: Yesterday, it was “free golf”. I mean than every players were using their own weapons, their own strategy, their own shots…trying to learn from the course, to enjoy it, and to get a lot of confidence. But today, it was different. All day I've seen your guys played secure, with long irons from most of the tees, and trying to keep the ball very low on every shots…low draws, ¾ punched-wedges, short grip on irons to control the ball, etc…exactly like if there was a lot of wind (but conditions were exactly the same than yesterday). That's interesting because wind can be a key factor here. There is always wind on this course (even when there is not in Paris). For the moment, wind is quite calm, but they say it could be strong on Friday. That could change a bit the strategy to adopt. This year at the French Open (European Tour), Alex Noren manage to win by changing it's strategy to be sure to touch every fairway on Sunday. Clearly that is something you wanted to test before. Also, yesterday US players spent a lot on time on greens at each hole to putt from anywhere to every direction. Today, there were more focused on working around the green, chipping in every position, testing lob-shots in the rough, discussing which side of the green they should miss… Furik's plan is clear. I think he knows he have the best players, and he wants to make sure they'll be ready to face any conditions. One word about the course now. It's a difficult course (we used to consider it as the most difficult in France), but the hardest part are the 4 last holes. To be honest, I'm surprised by the fact than rough are not as big as I thought they would be. I already played this course with a much more higher rough, and I was thinking the course would be prepared “against USA strengths” But this rough is still a problem, because sometimes it is “normal”, sometimes it has a very high “density”, so players are sometimes surprised by the way the ball comes out (or not) See you tomorrow. I'll take some pics.
  6. My strategy is always to follow groups. But I have some advantages compared to the crowd. I move very quickly between holes because I know perfectly the course, installations, short-cuts, good spots, etc. And I'm tall :-) Thus, you have to understand than most of the french public are not "golf specialists" like you are in the US or in the UK. So they only follow Tiger, Mickelson and Garcia : the 3 players they really know. So the crowd is massively behind them, and that gives you the opportunity to get close to the rest of the players. But anyway I think it will be very complicated this week-end, especially on sunday. I'll do my second report tonight, and try to answer the other questions : meteo, course, impressions, pictures..
  7. As I'll spend the all week at the Ryder Cup, I'll try to give you here some impressions or informations every day TUESDAY : So here is a quick debrieff of this first day. USA started from tee 1 at 9 :30, with Tiger, Phil, Reed, & Bryson Dechambeau. Then Ricky, Justin, Jordan, & DJ. Koeka, Finau, Bubba & Webb Simpson followed a little bit later. Tiger was very smiling, and happy to share a few words with the crowd all along the day. He also played a very straight and very secure golf today. He used a lot his long irons from the tee, and touched a lot of fairways. That would be the key on this course. But that was Patrick Reed who were the most impressive, and close to the flags today. Behind them, it was a little more complicated for Jordan Spieth. But nothing to worried about too much. I was very impressed by DJ (first time « in real ») : it's very strange to watch how he could play this course I'm used to play almost every week-end. Same for Bubba. Best player on course today (with Patrick Reed). He was very abble to shape to ball like he wanted to do. He litteraly destroyed the course, and overpassed every obstacles. Koepka stuggled a bit at the beginning to find the right tempo, then it was juste « straight and long, straight and long » You guys have a very very impressive team… I was expected a lot, but I think I was still under-estimating them. Europe started from tee 10 at 10AM. Molinari & Noren were the only one playing good golf today. Rory was a bit inconsistent. He was playing with Jon Rahm : maybe they'll start together on Friday. The others visited the rough all along the day. Especially Garcia…. I was surprised by the attitude on our side (I mean my side – EU ;-) ) : the americans were very concentrated and relax, like you need to do ; Europeans were joking like if it was an exhibition (Except for Poulter, who were very focused on his golf today) As we were leaving the course area at the end of the day, I heard someone tell in the bus “well…Europe would need a miracle”.
  8. Next time you come, tell me and I'll share my best places & restaurants list. But you should also try some of our golf courses. Around Paris, some of them deserve a try. And I might be able to find one where you can get an excellent meal after your 18 holes round.
  9. Of course, I'll be there the all week !! I checked the french National Course one week ago : 230 people were working on the course, and it was already absolutely beautiful (3 times better than it used to be each year for the European Tour). Weather should be good and sunny, but there is always wind there.
  10. Hi everybody I started golf 5 years ago, and I have a (very) serious addiction since then. I'm french native speaker, so forgive me if I make some mistakes.
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