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  1. Sunday : final day Impressive ambiance at the “Golf National”. There were 80 000 people today, who were almost all gathered around holes 1 & 2 at the beginning of matches. People around me were very confident about the final results, so I became a little nervous hoping it was not the same feeling inside the EU Team. I chose to sit around green number 1, where I could also see the second shots of hole 1, and also hole number 2. I stayed at this strategic position from Rory/Thomas until Garcia/Fowler, then I directly moved to green 9, where I caught Rory/Thomas and I wai
  2. Saturday's report : competition Day 2 I hope you enjoy “the fight” as much as I am. But I also hope you like our National Golf Course. We don't have in France so many good courses, like you have in the US or like in the UK, but there are a few we very are proud of, and the “Albatros” is definitely one of them. (And I must confess I'm happy to see that it is not an “easy one” for golf -superstars of both teams). Today, the light was absolutely beautiful (I took some pictures) and gave “goldy colors” to the hills, fairways, roughs, and greens. “Magnifique” we say. But we al
  3. Friday : Competition Day 1 What a long day. I woke up at 4:30AM and arrived to the National Golf Course at 6:00AM to get a good spot for Tee#1. But there were already about 20000 crazy people waiting in line to enter golf facilities, and I spend almost 2H to get in. I don't know how, but I finally managed to find “a small view” from a little hill (not very good), about 50 yards from the back-tees. They told us 60 000 people were standing here, when Koepka/Finau Rose/Rahm arrived. That was quite impressive. It was colder than yesterday, but the wind stayed calm (it was a bit stronger
  4. Thursday : last practice day & opening ceremony What a beautiful day. Warm and very sunny. Perfect conditions for playing golf, perfect conditions for enjoying the show. Things became very serious today. Clearly we feel now how much we are close to the competition. First, the crowd doubled compared to Tuesday & Wednesday. The public is not only French: people from all across Europe arrived today, and the first US supporters too. And so, the atmosphere changed and became much much... much more noisy. And I can tell you, there is already a lot of « tension » between the Eu
  5. Wednesday : practice day 2. Very interesting what I saw today. It seems than Furyk has a strict "preparation programm” and all the players stick with it. Let me explain: Yesterday, it was “free golf”. I mean than every players were using their own weapons, their own strategy, their own shots…trying to learn from the course, to enjoy it, and to get a lot of confidence. But today, it was different. All day I've seen your guys played secure, with long irons from most of the tees, and trying to keep the ball very low on every shots…low draws, ¾ punched-wedges, short grip on irons to
  6. My strategy is always to follow groups. But I have some advantages compared to the crowd. I move very quickly between holes because I know perfectly the course, installations, short-cuts, good spots, etc. And I'm tall :-) Thus, you have to understand than most of the french public are not "golf specialists" like you are in the US or in the UK. So they only follow Tiger, Mickelson and Garcia : the 3 players they really know. So the crowd is massively behind them, and that gives you the opportunity to get close to the rest of the players. But anyway I think it will be very complicated this we
  7. As I'll spend the all week at the Ryder Cup, I'll try to give you here some impressions or informations every day TUESDAY : So here is a quick debrieff of this first day. USA started from tee 1 at 9 :30, with Tiger, Phil, Reed, & Bryson Dechambeau. Then Ricky, Justin, Jordan, & DJ. Koeka, Finau, Bubba & Webb Simpson followed a little bit later. Tiger was very smiling, and happy to share a few words with the crowd all along the day. He also played a very straight and very secure golf today. He used a lot his long irons from the tee, and touched a lot of fairways. That would be th
  8. Next time you come, tell me and I'll share my best places & restaurants list. But you should also try some of our golf courses. Around Paris, some of them deserve a try. And I might be able to find one where you can get an excellent meal after your 18 holes round.
  9. Of course, I'll be there the all week !! I checked the french National Course one week ago : 230 people were working on the course, and it was already absolutely beautiful (3 times better than it used to be each year for the European Tour). Weather should be good and sunny, but there is always wind there.
  10. Hi everybody I started golf 5 years ago, and I have a (very) serious addiction since then. I'm french native speaker, so forgive me if I make some mistakes.
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