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  1. Mike Davenport, Ia Walk 30% of rounds but this would for sure help! Old Bagboy push cart
  2. Mike - Davenport, Ia iPhone 8 Testing mainly against GC2 data indoors Simulator
  3. Mike, Davenport Ia 8.5 Adidas Bounce, Footjoy DNA Comfort and waterproof
  4. Mike Huskey, Davenport Ia Zelos 8 Stiff 95mph current iron shafts are Zelos 7 fitted at Club Champion on M4 Irons, played 3 seasons and would love to compare with Zelos 8
  5. Mike Huskey - Davenport Ia Right Handed 18* hybrid Recoil Regular 18* hybrid Recoil Stiff as a backup 7.3 HC I currently play Callaway Rogue hybrids. Also looking to test on my Foresight GC2 Simulator.
  6. Mike Davenport, IA Maverick 10.5 7.3 index 95 mph TSi3
  7. Mike, Iowa 8.2 Taylormade M4 155 yards
  8. Mike Huskey - Iowa, 5.7 HC, currently hitting the Callaway Rogue with the Fujikura Pro 5.0 Regular shaft and also trying a Mizuno GT180 with Tensei Orange 50 regular shaft. Swing speed averages 97. I love to test this driver as I have a Foresight GS2 with simulator and can also take it to the range. I’ve played a Tour Exotics EX9 fairway and would like to see what this driver can bring!
  9. Mike, Illinois 5.7, 97 mph Callaway Epic G410 SFT
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