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  1. This 1000% my current course has a lower rate if you walk, but the other course they own its the same rate, cart or walk which I hate. I don't play there often and it is a hard walk so I am sure almost no one walks. It is just a shame as I find walking a course the most enjoyable way to if possible.
  2. Would love to have you join, but we closed sign ups a couple weeks back to make sure everything works out fairly. Please do share how your speed training goes, and wishing you bombs in the future.
  3. Yes exactly this I am one of those people that cannot hit a ball most of the winter unless I get to a sim and since I started this well I went the selfish route and said dry swing speed so I am not left out
  4. I have also been starting most mornings with some yoga as well and incorporating some core work to pair with the running.
  5. Sorry to hear that and we will miss you in the competition. Hope you can still get some training in between snow storms.
  6. You got it feel free to warm up just obviously not after a speed session. Average of 3 swings. I might have to do it on the 2nd. Cut on my finger in just the wrong spot so it kills when I swing a club, but should be healed up soon.
  7. Personally I am a big runner and the best I have ever played was back when I ran more. I think it really helps build a stable core which can really help in the swing. Obviously weight lifting is a big part but running I personally feel has its benefits to the swing.
  8. Same boat if I started lifting again I know with just a little bit of getting back into it I could get to the lower body goals but bench press would take a long time to get there. Interesting point and I think is a good point to call out given we are looking at 2D images, it can make it hard to see what exactly causes that daylight we see.
  9. I can add you I know its a bit late but we just got promoted. Good luck and let us know how the training goes.
  10. Thanks for sharing these. Back when I lifted more I was probably over on the squat and deadlift, but bench and pull ups (for more than just a couple) would have been too low. Always had more strength in the lower body.
  11. Yes as often as you like but I will probably update the spreadsheet no more than weekly
  12. Any and all side bets are encouraged. I know and @Golfspy_TCB and @GolfSpy_BOS are already going at it
  13. With @DPattGolfs entry today that brings us to a round 20 participants and I think closes up the leader board. I look forward to the competition everyone. Hoping to get first round of updates around December 1 so we can start to see who is moving up the board.
  14. I love it that would be an amazing jump up and some truly awesome speed. Then maybe we could get you and @Chip Strokes into a long drive competition.
  15. I am happy to give you a one day grace period, we were supposed to close yesterday but just means you have one less day to get faster in my eyes. Also have not seen you post in a while so great to see you back. Feeling it a bit today too. Still gonna try and get that work in and see what I can learn.
  16. I totally agree with this. I have always had a pretty solid base but for the life of me I can't seem to feel like I am using it. Maybe I am and I just don't have it measured, but would love to work on a force plate some day and see where those gains are. Watching Mark Crossfield make his gains with is plate just highlight how much I feel like I am missing.
  17. I am thinking monthly would be a good cadence so lets got for 12/1 since that will be about a month since we started, but I am not going to be overly specific on those dates.
  18. Thinking about a Ping iCrossover to replace my 5 iron to make it a bit more consistent. My current 5 is at 23 so it can be a bit low, so a bit more height and speed might help. Plus the loft sleeve would be an added bonus to turn it down if it get a bit too hot
  19. No problem I was messing around and I ended up adjust one to be Starting Speed *0.27 + speed increase. I adjusted this as I thought it made things pretty fair
  20. Just bought what will become the trophy for this competition. Pictures to come soon! Also two days left to get your entries in for anyone just reading through right now. Leader board will be locking soon.
  21. I'll do that now happy to have you on board. I am in the process of securing the prize as well.
  22. Love to see all the progress everyone is all ready making. @GolfSpy MPR should I be adding you and Kirke to the leader board?
  23. Today was one of those days were you just don't really have it. Just did not feel fast or up for the speed training, but I moved myself through it and paid attention to trying to learn what I can and say ok this is the speed for today still try to get that as high as possible, even if pbs are far off. I know I can sometimes struggle with that grind when the speed is not there and it is clearly a play for the longer term. I know we will all have those days and I know this challenge helped give a little motivation for that. So thank you everyone and tomorrow is another day to be faster.
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