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  1. I know some of the footwork in golf sports. Here are the top 4 types of footwork in the golf swing. 1. Half Foam Roller 2. Face in Cement 3. Tubing to Stability 4. Ankle to the Ground
  2. For me, the difference between swinger and hitter is swinging focuses on the movement of the arms to create speed and is usually associated with the classic players of years past; it was difficult to play any other way when clubs had hickory shafts. Hitting focuses on using the whole body to create angles and appeals to modern players, many of whom are young and strong and perhaps eager to prove they're athletes.
  3. I suggest this stretching before start playing golf. Golf Strength Training Workout 1. Single Leg Dead Lift 2. Push Up Position Torso Twist with Arm raise 3. Side Bridge with Leg Lift 4. Medicine Ball Swing Toss 5. Standing Cable Cross Arm Raise 6. Prone Double Elbow Raise 7. 3 Way Wrist Exercise Position One (Wrist Deviation) Position Two (Wrist Rotation) Position Three (Wrist Flexion and Contraction) It's really helpful, everyone should try this.
  4. Titleist TS driver on this website https://www.golfdomgolf.com/search?q=Titleist+TS+driver cost $499.99 only compared to Golf Town. But it was still expensive for a Golf driver. I love golf but i will never waste my money for an expensive driver.
  5. Nike’s VPR Strike driver looks pretty cool. According to what i have read in an article. the VPR Strike represented a major advancement in performance over the previous Vapor Fly Pro model and produced up to 8 mph more ball speed and loads more distance.
  6. I use Callaway glove is very nice and work great!
  7. 100% cotton golf shirts are more breathable.
  8. Sorry for what happen cheer up. Anyways Thanks !
  9. How cute, Welcome to world boy.. enjoy the day with your family
  10. Hi my name is Don Wrightley, honored to be part og this group
  11. Well let as enjoy in playing Golf .. Hi every one..
  12. Welcome to the forums DonW468 :)


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