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  1. First up is a Swing Caddie SC200. Great working condition, with remote and case. Second is a Precision Pro NX9 HD range Finder. Also great working condition ans with case. Third is a Bushnell Phantom GPS. It is in great working condition. All 3 shipped in the lower 48 $60.00 Chris
  2. I was at the range today trying to get a handle on which iron was reliable for a 100 yard shot. Up until today it's always been my Gap Wedge. I noticed the last round I played I had 80 yards to the pin. Took out my 54 degree wedge and proceeded to sail over the green. Which brings me to today and checking yardage. Both my Gap and 54 wedge are pretty consistent at 100 yards carry. The Gap is a Ping G410, the 54 degree wedge is a Callaway MD3. Trying to understand why these 2 clubs on a full swing are consistently the same yardage? Any thoughts? Chris
  3. Over the course of the winter here and chatting with the pro I know I'm hitting down with my irons, my angle of attach is generally around -4 degrees. I worked with him for a few lessons as my driver was also -4 degrees, after the lessons the best I could do on the sim was +2 degrees, but out on the course I do just fine, hitting +11 degrees according to my portable launch monitor. What I have discovered in mostly my fairway woods is that they seem to be hitting a tad behind the ball, which with the mat the club is allowed to bounce off the mat and still make contact with the ball, something that rarely, if ever happens on the course. So when I was playing the sim league I never used my fairway woods. The one thing that, for me is an issue, I really want to see a real ball in flight and not rely on what a computer says the ball flight is. I know a lot of folks get caught up in spin numbers and such, for me I can gain much more information from watching the ball fly, I guess I'm just too "old school" for the fancy launch computers...
  4. I tried that approach, but I find that I'm more of a feel player when it comes to chipping and pitching. The sim just seemed to "dry" for me to get comfortable with the close stuff.
  5. Well, the weather here in my part of Michigan finally got to a point where the courses finally opened, so off I went, happier than a kid in a candy shop. This past winter I spent much more time on a simulator as there was one only 10 minutes away. I learned rather quickly that I had developed some BAD habits hitting balls on that simulator. It seemed thst my tee height was off a bit, took 2 holes to adjust that one, my irons needed some tweaking hitting off "real" turf instead of simulator turf. The biggest problem was fairway woods. On all par 5's my fairway woods (3 & 7) royally suckered. So when next the weather cooperates it off yo the range to unlearn the bad habits from too much simulator. Has anyone else had this experience? Chris
  6. I lost one this winter, well...kinda lost. Hitting a 60 degree wedge the ball hit just above the screen, in the crack between the screen and the padding over the screen. Ball went right thru.... I have no idea where it ended up...Lost ball on a sim....go figure! Chris
  7. Old School Woods and Irons. Copper Classic BeCu irons 3 thru PW. Serial No 307BC. New grips. Also included Powerbilt Citation Persimmon woods, 1,3 and 5. $60 shipped in the lower 48. THESE ARE LEFTY CLUBS !
  8. To be honest that was my thought before posting this. Guess I just needed to confirm my thinking. Thanks ! Chris
  9. As I think about possibly a new putter one question that keeps popping up in my head is about the face. I see so many groove patterns out there along with smooth faces. Is there really a difference between each? Smooth vs groove? Chris
  10. Thanks for the write up and the info. I myself have been tossing about the idea of a fitter for my putter and your post puts me one step closer to giving it a go. It sure has me thinking. Thanks.. CHris
  11. For me the putter is the last piece of the puzzle. I have 7 putters, I tinker with all of them thru the winter hoping that one of them will "be the one", haven't found it yet, which is why I keep searching and buying putters. But I got agree with the OP, it sure is fun to get a new putter and finding out what it can do!!!
  12. I've been using mine for a couple of years now, works great. I have 3 acres for a yard and will sometimes put it on it's back laying down and chip and pitch into it. Great short game pratice. Chris
  13. Wanted to let everyone know in the Centralish part of Michigan, there are 2 new sim locations that I found recently. One is in Gladwin Michigan, a Trackman set up located at the Riverwalk Place. The second is Pinconning Mi, located on 11 mile between Pinconning road and Estey road, The old elementary school building called "Golf 101" . Not sure which one that one is, but it's a good one. If you need more info send me a message. Chris
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