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  1. Tim Atlanta, GA Ping G410 6.1 index 95 mph TSi3
  2. Tim/Atlanta, GA 6 Handicap All ping glide wedges (48/52/56/60) The look of the finish and hopefully more spin
  3. First name/City State Tim Current Wedge Played PING Loft You would Choose. 56
  4. Tim D Atlanta, GA Yes Garmin G10 18birdies app on iPhone and Garmin G10
  5. Tim / Georgia 5 handicap Callaway Apex 165 yards
  6. First Name/City State Tim Alpharetta, GA Ball Used Snell Driver Swing Speed 100 MPH
  7. Tim D

    Bigg Golf ?

    I just saw an add on Facebook for Bigg Golf balls, that says their balls go 20 yards further with driver than other balls and are soft around the green (like a lot of other BS ads). They are $29.99 a dozen. Has anybody ever tried these?
  8. Tim / GEORGIA (USA) Handicap: 6.2 Current irons in Play: Calaway Apex The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 167 yards
  9. Tim - GEORGIA 2. 7 handicap 104 mph 3. Ping 400 LST 4. Ping G410 Plus
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