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  1. The highest end fitter in my town (Sydney Australia) is just down the road from me. They often have 1/2 price fittings so I've taken advantage and been fitted four times over the past three years. As recently as two weeks ago in fact. Some observations. Each time I have been there has been a different recommendation (except for once when the fitter said he couldn't improve on what I had). They don't even have stock shafts to try. Their business model (like CC) is that they buy the clubs with shaft, pull the shafts and insert the custom shafts. You are paying for the stock shaft, and the custom ones. I've kept the results. The numbers from the Callaway GBB and Oban combo they recommended three years ago are almost identical to the Cobra F9 Accra combo they recommended the other week. As are those of the Cobra LTD in between. Admittedly I'm an easy fit since I hit up on the ball and have a high angle of attack and low spin. The only time things were different was when I was hitting everything very low and spinny and they kept giving my higher lofts and higher launch shafts until I worked out the ball wasn't teed up high enough. Iron fittings have been equally inconsistent. Different heads. Shafts ranging from heavy S400 to light Recoils. And similar prices to what they suggesting for you. My last iron fitting they suggested PXG 0311XFs at $4K or so. I liked to look and feel and bough a set used from eBay for $450. I have a fairly consistent swing (I'm off 8 and can't putt or chip) and have been told different things at each fitting. To scientifically fit someone currently in the 30s is (IMHO) irresponsible. TXG, for example, are the gold standard for fitting. But if you follow their YouTube channel you will see that the main guy (who has a very good, very repeatable swing) has been fitted into multiple heads, shafts, putters and wedges. As mentioned by others, if you liked the TS2 buy a used one. The stock shaft is probably fine. The head will more of a difference in launch, spin and aim. If you like to fiddle, get a used shaft that matches the Fuji. I always by used. You don't know for sure until you try things on course, and usually you can sell for close to what you've paid. They do not even the stock shafts in stock
  2. I have both the G vrossover and the G400 crossover in 4 and 5 versions. I think you are correct about the distance difference. I hit my G 4 longer than my G400 4. Especially off the tee. However, my G400 crossovers are easier to hit. Especially off the deck. They also go higher. So on average they are longer. There is a loft difference, but I suspect not enough to explain it. It’s a conundrum. if you only use the 4 (or 3) off the tee I’d stick to the G. If you use them off the deck I’d go with the G400.
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