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  1. I never win these things but lets give it a shot... --Nitai --Florida --O-Works Tank #7 --Frontline 4.0 If I'm being honest, I would probably end up throwing a bunch of led tape on the putter. I just need something a fair bit heavier than my current putter so I can take smaller strokes on the green. It is meant to be a putt, not a hit, in my opinion
  2. Nitai Zipp Melbourne, Florida Clubhead Speed: 108.5 mph Current Ball: Whatever I find on the course If possible, I'd like to try the one that would give me lower spin--whichever that may be
  3. I just did what I thought was cool/unique. I tried to keep in mind that it is a limited run of the cover, so it should be something not seen anywhere else. The thread count might be a but high, I think, but I imagine that it wouldn't be to difficult to make it
  4. This is exactly right in my opinion; I like Rory as a player, but simply by the numbers Brooks is the better player. I don't know if PGA Tour guys just don't like him or something of the sorts, but he had in my opinion, the best season out of anyone on Tour.
  5. I hope so, but I don't think that it was explicit. I doubt that PRG would make a headcover for each final design and not use it; I think that they will only make actual covers of the final pick. Just my guess though...
  6. As most of you know, Rory McIlroy just won the PGA Player of the Year award for the third time. Although I enjoy watching him (Rory) play, and was happy to see him win the FedEx Cup, I do think that B. Koepka should have won the Player of the Year award for his performance this year. He placed well in all majors, and even won one, and he also won two other events over the course of the season; in addition, he made more cuts than Rory--both in majors and in regular events. Not only did he make more cuts in majors than Rory, but he also made the top ten in every major; a rare feat for even the best of PGA Tour players. All in all, this is just my opinion, and I'd like to hear your guys' take on the topic. Thanks for reading my thoughts!
  7. Hey guys, I know it's not great, but here it is. My design for the contest is a links style golf course with Floridian influences on a white vinyl/leather background; on the top, it reads "PUTT" in all black. This is a subtle nod to the fact that it is a putter cover (lol). I think that my design should win because it is unique, and I have never seen anything like it on a cover before. I hope it wins, largely for the fact that getting a line of designs out there with my name related to it would be awesome, especially as a junior golfer. I mostly just want to share my ideas with all of you, and I hope that, even if my design isn't chosen, that you use it later down the road. (This is also written consent to use this design at a later date without communication or giving me a portion of profits [not that it is likely to happen]). Thank you for your consideration!
  8. There's a great company called doglegdesigns that makes quality custom covers at a good price. I'd visit their website and check out their Instagram for more information. Sent from my LG-M150 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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