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  1. Welcome! I'm not far away - in Six Mile....
  2. Welcome - I'm close by - in Six Mile (we're on Lake Keowee).
  3. My fitting at CC was mentioned above. I wish I had thought to post a post like yours beforehand! My advice based on my experience: 1) Take your time. They seem to like to move pretty quickly - but my full bag fitting could have gone 3 1/2 hours and only took 2 1/2. I probably would have done well to take a couple of breaks. 2) Depending on your budget for the driver - you might think about having them show you the "best" and then ask for other shaft options that would get close but be significantly cheaper. I wasn't ready to spend $1000+ on a driver - but that's where I ended up
  4. To your question, PULLEDABILL, I would have to think the answer is yes based on his behavior. There was another guy getting a fitting in the bay next to me - and at one point he went outside to call his wife to get "clearance" to buy whatever it was the fitter had proposed. While he was outside, my fitter said to the other guy "went to call the wife, huh"? and it sounded EXACTLY like the kind of banter you hear sometimes among car salespeople. I had read a number of reviews about both of the individuals that were fitting that day (my fitter and the other guy) and with one exception where
  5. So I'll add two new twists to the mix. 1) CC guy responded to my email and changed everything except irons to stock shafts based on my "balk" at the price. Haven't really dug into it yet - but clearly he was able to "get close" with stock shafts (his words). 2) More interestingly - I had bought my son (30 year old) a Ping G400 for Xmas. Told him we would go back to PGATour Superstore and have him try the LST, SFT, etc so that he got the one he really hit the best. We did that this morning - and he ended up with a G400Max (yes, I'm a pushover dad who paid the $100 for his present "upgrade"). B
  6. I greatly appreciate the replies and all the perspectives. The advice on lessons is spot on - and I should have also told you that I'm already signed up for lessons with the head of golf instruction for our club group. I'm clear that it's a lot of the "carpenter" as opposed to the "tools". But I do think my tools are way off. One thing that came out from a "quicky" session with the PXG rep at our club - which was confirmed by the CC fitter is that I need 1/2" longer shafts in my irons. As I mentioned in my original post - there was a lot of "good" in the fitting experience - meaning that
  7. Fair enough. Frankly being away from golf for a good while, I had no idea that shafts could cost as much as the driver (as an example). I'm still curious for perspectives on shaft comparisons - assuming weight, torque, flex, and "kick point" are very close - would an 18-20 handicap honestly see/feel any difference? FWIW, I did just send the fitter an email asking for additional options - so we'll see what that brings too.
  8. Apologies for a long post. I'm 59, and just got back into the game after 20 years of 2-3 rounds a year. At my best I was a 13 and now after starting back (about 8 rounds so far) I'm averaging low to mid 90's, but improving at decent rate. Clubs were 20+ years old - so I scheduled a full bag fitting at Club Champion. It was a very interesting experience - but I walked away at the end feeling like I had been at a used car dealer. The press to buy immediately was stronger than I expected - and I suspect that the fitter basically spec'ed me as a guy that can afford anything I want (he asked what I
  9. re: Clemson - since I went to Georgia Tech, the house rule is you root for Clemson in every game EXCEPT when they play GT. Although the way Clemson plays these days that's a little like watching a pro team play a high school team. I love my yellowjackets - but it's a tough road down here for college ball. And to make matters worse, my turncoat son went to Georgia - so I actually have to root for the Bulldogs as well on occasion....
  10. Greetings! I'm Jeff - just short of 60 - and have picked golf back up after the dreaded "I play one round a year" for the last 18 years or so. In the late 90's I played probably 40 rounds a year - and was doing a lot of digital work for the PGA Tour, Augusta National, PGA of America, etc. - so got to see and play a lot of great tracks. Some of my playing partners chuckle when they look in my bag, as I'm playing 1998 Taylor Made Burner Bubble irons - with stiff shafts no less. I joke that I'm sending them back to the Smithsonian soon.... Love the game - and just about any aspect - whether
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