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  1. I don't buy the new stuff anymore due to the ridiculous prices. I wait a couple years and buy a "new" two year old driver that works as well as the latest. I usually change to a shaft I like also and a lot of times I'll just take the shaft from my old driver.
  2. I would LOVE to see a test of the new 2020 top drivers (TM, Callaway, Cobra etc) for COR. Test maybe 5 drivers of each brand for an average (across the face) proving which miracle claims are really true. I suppose we could all go and hit them ourselves all day long but then we are expected to buy one. This test would show where to start. If it's already been done shame on me.
  3. warbirdlover


  4. Congrats on the fitting. I would have never considered the Mizuno because there isn't much said about them. I got a new EXS and really love it but hated the Tensei blue shaft. Really a blah shaft. I put in a HZRDUS yellow and wow.
  5. Jerry central Wisconsin boonies 100 mph Taylormade TP5x 12.5 hdcp 72 years old Play every day Played every ball but Snell.
  6. It's the heavier (60) Tensei blue regular flex and 10.5 loft. I didn't like the 50 shaft.
  7. I just put a HZRDUS yellow in my EXS driver. Wow is that an awesome shaft.
  8. Talk about dumb luck. I entered a Tour Edge contest that if you'd try their irons it qualified you to win a new EXS driver. I won! Now I have two.
  9. Played with a long hitting lefty using a SLDer. The EXS beat him on most holes.
  10. I've got a Tour Edge CB5 and it's the best I've found. And you can find them cheap. Make sure it has the Fubuki shaft in it.
  11. For what it's worth, I didn't like the shaft that came in the EXS. So after lot's of playing put a 45" HZRDUS yellow in my 10.5 EXS which is very low spin and low launch. Upped the loft to maximum and switched the weights so the heavy 9gm weight is in the back and the 3 gm is in the heel. I've got a winner. Longest, straightest driver I've ever owned.
  12. Wouldn't save it because I had too many lines. Now it worked.
  13. I did hit save. It didn't save. Course was closed until tomorrow so went on the driving range and tuned this in. Had to set it up two lofts as with this shaft the launch was way too low. Switched the heavy weight with the light (heavy now in the back and light in the heel) and this thing was striping everything right down the center about 250 yards with range balls. A friend was on the driving range and I had him hit it as he is a long ball hitter. He striped the one shot he took right down the center out to 300 yards! I'm so pleased with how this turned out. Played it yesterday. This driver WILL NOT go right or left with this shaft and setup. No draw, fade, slice or hook. If you over swing you can pull it but a nice swing ALWAYS gives you a straight shot in the direction you're lined up to. And they are as long as I've EVER hit on average. Whoo Hoo.
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