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  1. I bought a Callaway Epic Max at the end of last year and love it. I bought a Stealth this spring and was disappointed. Epic is much more forgiving. Traded the Stealth for a new bag and wedge. Hitting the snot out of the Epic.
  2. I "blow on" my grips with air so if I wear out a grip I can change it in 5 minutes. Seems to work like a champ. Anyone else?
  3. I built a 50" chest putter years ago and putted lights out with it. When they changed to not letting you anchor it I went back as that to me was the advantage to it. Bernhardt still uses it and I'm betting he anchors it. How can you tell?
  4. I had the first version in one of my past drivers and I liked it.
  5. My brother bought a set and he absolutely loves them. Is hitting them sweet.
  6. These are the best I've found. Consistent height, unbreakable and ball doesn't fall off. Flex-Head G3 - Flexible, Unbreakable Golf Tees
  7. I used a 50" years ago and never putted that good since. I just didn't like that huge thing sticking out of my bag.
  8. GolfPride MCC +4 standard size on my woods and Tour Velvet +4 on everything else.
  9. "Made for" is not correct. I paid $250 for an upgrade shaft (had to turn in original shaft). That shaft costs $350 normally. It is NOT a made for shaft. And the original was NOT a made for shaft. Those days are gone. I have a friend who used to build clubs for Koepka, Johnson and Lexi Thompson and now has his own shop. He tested my "made for" shafts from my drivers and they are the real deal. My new Stealth is on it's way through my golf course.
  10. Can you imagine the number of "hackers" that have hit that face? After my Stealth comes I'll let you know.
  11. I have had a C-130 three years. Only complaint is the stitching at the bottom of the dividers has gone south and now my clubs jam up in the bottom like a bag without dividrs. Next bag will be a TM or something.
  12. Already ordered mine.
  13. I was a big fan of the HZRDOUS line until I went to the KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft - KBS (kbsgolfshafts.com) in category 3 (stiff) at 70 g. Try it.
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