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  1. My brother just got a set of those this year and loves them.
  2. Retired metallurgist here. 8620 is a common "carburizing" (case hardening) grade used in gears etc. In the raw state it is slightly harder then 1020. A plain carbon steel like 1020 has larger "grains" then an alloyed steel which makes 8620 stronger. Both are commonly forged steels. One difference in forged irons vs. cast is that you will get grain "flow" from the process which is claimed to make them stronger. Someone (Clevelqnd?) came out with a new miracle cast iron that was in reality not made of steel but of ductile iron.. It felt soft because ductile iron has graphite nodules in the microstructure which would help dampen vibration.
  3. Accuflex Creation would make you happy.
  4. re-shafted all my Titleist AP1 irons to graphite last winter. Best move I ever made.
  5. TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5° driver w/5.5 45.75" ProjectX EvenFlow Riptide 50 shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip -or- Srixon ZX5 10.5° driver w/5.5 45.25" ProjectX EvenFlow Riptide 50 shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 16.5° 3-wood w/reg Fujikura Air Speeder 40 shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 19° 3-hybrid w/reg KBS 70 shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip Acer XV HT 4-iron w/reg Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue Axis shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip Titleist AP1 714 irons 5-GW w/reg Fujikura 6R Atmos shafts & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grips Heater B-1 55°/9° sand wedge w/reg UST-Mamiya DHI iRN shaft & std GolfPride Tour Velvet +4 grip Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11 putter with Cleveland large grip TaylorMade TP5x or Srixon Soft Feel ball Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag Location: central Wisconsin hdcp: 11.5
  6. I bought a putter that was supposed to fit my stroke and it was a disaster. I traded it for one that was for a slight curve stroke (mine is straight) and it works great.
  7. I'm a senior 74 years old. I have a Sim Max and Srixon ZX5 driver and could compare them to those. My handicap is 11 and I normally hit my driver 230-260 yards (gps) I'd love to try either one of these drivers. Thanks.
  8. I'm 74 and hate senior flex shafts. They feel totally DEAD to me. I play a Project X Evenflow Riptide 5.5 and it's perfect. Shaft wgt is super important. I've dropped down to the 50 gr. series and it helped.
  9. I have a Sim Max and bought a Srixon ZX5 with the same shaft. I'm back using the Sim Max. My 2 cents.
  10. Need some new spikeless shoes soon. Would love to compare them to my Sketchers. Size 12 M
  11. My Tour EDge Exotics 220 3-wood came with it and I really like it. It's a higher launch then I was using and I'm getting more distance with it (10 yards). I have a Evenflow Rip Tide 50 5.5 in my Sim driver and that is also an awesome shaft.
  12. First irons I ever had. Wished I still had them.
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