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  1. In addition to Newport National, I'll second Montaup in Portsmouth and add Meadowbrook in Richmond for your consideration.
  2. Wow, great info, Wedgie! I wear progressives as well and had not heard of this option. Amazing some of the stuff you can learn on MGS. Thanks for posting!
  3. On a cruise a couple of years ago and had the opportunity to play Royal Dornoch. It's the only course I've played in Scotland (so far), but...WOW! What an amazing experience! Not only a fantastic course with stunning, views, but the history of the place and the warmth of the people are what really struck me. Definitely going back (and this time I'll add a few more courses to the rotation)!
  4. Merry Christmas to all my new buddies on MGS! And best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.
  5. Hi, folks! MGS does a fantastic job with product testing and reviews. So much great info on this site, I had to sign up! Looking forward to participating.
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