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  1. Always love to have a bet or two - sounds like a lot of fun
  2. Thank you all and happy golfing....
  3. Thank you all, only joint yesterday but I do like a lot of the content and think MyGolfSpy is doing great work.
  4. I simply don't know, but that's why I asked "do you have some alternatives for a handicap?" The same "loaded" handicappers always win!
  5. So pleased to see that you still enjoy the game at age 70 and you are not defensive at all. I also understand that the h/c system is what it is, BUT I respectfully success that you deduct the strokes from your handicap when you compete in competitions. If you are a 18 h/c, you can play from a 16 if you are sure your handicap is "2 strokes too high" - if you do this then you don't have to ask others if you are cheating! Just my thoughts...
  6. I agree with you 100%. I also understand that a handicap is about your potential, or as I call it - your playing ability. Just thought it will be great if we can play without it as I like to compete and also like to be rewarded when I played a good round.
  7. How do you feel about amateurs playing with no golf handicap? Golf is evolving and evolving fast. In short, golf is a large business which continues to grow globally. What is striking in the golf industry is the way Golf Governing bodies manage one of the world’s oldest sports and adapting to new challenges. The game, first played in 15th-century Scotland, isn’t known for keeping pace with changes or am I wrong? I played in a huge charity event hosted by one of the golfing legends - team of 5 players - winning team scored 22 under par! I've always been a fan of ditching handicaps altogether, then the problem is removed instantly or not? These guys play on their own Tour, called SharkGolf but there's another old saying in golf: Beware the man whose golf pencil has an eraser or did somebody mention sand and bags? To compete and be rewarded is part of the DNA of a golfer, do you have some alternatives for a handicap? Take care
  8. Hello from Palm Beach Gardens Love the game - playing for 31 years - got some Hogan babies in the bag and will tell you all about SharkGolf soon. Take care
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