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  1. In the Netherlands where I live and play the Dutch Golf Federation has issued guidelines as to which tees are appropriate for different levels of player. Typically we have 5 tees here - white are the back tees ( tips ? ), yellow are for everyday play, blue are a mix of red and yellow, red are what used to be called the ladies tees, and orange are very short for beginners. They reckon to play from the tips you need to be able to hit it 240 yards plus, yellow a minimum of 210, blue a minimum of 175. Of course most people think they hit it further that they actually do, but I've persuaded my colleagues and many others to play from blue instead of automatically marching to yellow - with much more pleasurable results and more fun generally , which is what we're aiming for right ! Plus it speeds up play...
  2. The courses are the same. Differences are more in golf culture ( for instance lots more emphasis on Stableford ) and a more inclusive approach which encourages people to play even if they aren't actually any good - for instance handicaps of 54 are permitted. On the other hand complete beginners are not allowed to play until their club pro is satisfied they have a minimum acceptable standard of play and etiquette. Also emphasis on choosing tees which are appropriate for your standard - I often play with friends who don't hit it very far from what used to be called the ladies tees.
  3. Just to introduce myself, I'm david, 70 year old Brit expat been living in Rotterdam since 1991 and member of a lovely and difficult local club since 1997. Current handicap 10.5 and slowly inching up with the course of time. Bit of a golfing nerd and love experimenting with non-mainstream techniques - have tried Moe Norman and even Mindy Blake styles in the past before settling on a kind of S&T Lite. Currently playing about with sidesaddle putting which I'm convinced ought to be the best method but in practice doesn't always seem to work 100%....
  4. Overall I wasn't worth the price no - and I'm hoping that none of the extra deductions have been made ! ( haven't heard anything so fingers crossed ). It's a shame because the original concept is rather good, but the execution leaves so much to be desired. And I guess enough people sign up for it for Bryan to think it's Ok. He badly needs some feedback on the process and his own personal presentation.
  5. I'm probably one of the few people who has actually managed to complete this programme. The concept is actually rather worthwhile - he wants to teach you the body movements and mechanics of the swing without actually touching a club or hitting a ball for a very long time. The drawback is endless repetitions of the most simple movements and the relentless hyperbole and artificially pumped up enthusiasm with which every lesson is presented, no doubt genuinely meant. If Trump was a golf instructor this is how I would imagine it....at the end of each lesson there's a test you have to pass which a child of 10 could do. I got the impression that the programme was designed for someone who is either very stupid or very slow on the uptake. That said there are a few nuggets which are worth it - some of the fitness/stretching is quite good, and there's a move he calls " Surf to level " which I've incorporated into my chipping and pitching with great success. But it's a very long slog to pick out a few gold pieces... The whole thing could have been done in half the time with more impact - but then I guess he could only charge for half the lessons and so earn less - and as we know in America making money is the only thing that matters.
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