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  1. I am sold on arm lock putting but have only been doing it for a little over a year. It has really helped me in the consistency of my stroke and making more putts
  2. I ran across this forum while doing a search on BAD putter specs. Funny, I had purchased a Biomech Ace putter (arm lock style) about a year ago and putted with it this year and really liked it as it improved my putting. I didn't really like the big mallet head though, and after seeing Bryson's putter, I looked in buying a SIK putter like his. After I got the $750 quote and choked, I purchased a Ping 2i putter and made one from it. I have been loving putting with this thing. I ended up at 43", 76 deg lie and 7 deg loft after having Golf Galaxy adjust the specs for $6. The guy was really helpful. He was concerned about the breaking the putter but since I only had $40 in the head and shaft, I was not really worried about it. I am working on the next one right now as I want to build one with a forged head / milled face for next year. In a post on another site, SIK golf stated the following: "No problem. Yes, 360g is correct. The reason for the multiple setups is because the techs in Europe who worked on his putter weren't familiar with our technology and set his loft incorrectly; the setting of the loft can be an issue if the club tech isn't aware that we have four different flat surfaces on our face. For those interested his specs are as follows: Length: 43 3/4" Loft: 7° Lie: 73° "
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