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  1. I kind of agree, it would be nice to have a push cart in which the bag stood straight up or faced forward. To the comment above and walking around the bag, in the current state of push carts, you have to walk around the back to the put the club back in the bag anyway. If it faced forward, you could put in directly after hitting, and you would not have to deal with the arm / handle of the cart being in the way. If you remember back to when they were all pull carts, the bag also faced toward the handle, suppose most of this is probably due to the balancing of the weight of the clubs and bag while keeping the total length of the cart as short as possible.
  2. I am fairly new to DF as I have only owned mine this year thus far, so a lot of practice and a few rounds of golf so far. I purchased the Blad2 at 76 deg and 37". I went through the on line fitting vs in person, and am impressed with the delivered product as it is right on the money of what I was expecting from a fit perspective. I decided to purchase one based on the fitting and tech they are selling, it seemed to make logical sense to me. Time will tell after I get through the honeymoon period, but I love it thus far.
  3. There are two follow behind models that come to mind, the Stewart X9 and the Caddytrek. I have been looking at these trolley's as well and trying to decide whether to go on the budget end and forgo things like (a remote, gyro tracking, braking, follow mode, free wheel mode) or determine if one or more of those features is important enough for the $$. It seems that anything with a lithium battery is pretty much $800 on up to $2500, with many in the $1000 - $1500 range.
  4. I am sold on arm lock putting but have only been doing it for a little over a year. It has really helped me in the consistency of my stroke and making more putts
  5. I ran across this forum while doing a search on BAD putter specs. Funny, I had purchased a Biomech Ace putter (arm lock style) about a year ago and putted with it this year and really liked it as it improved my putting. I didn't really like the big mallet head though, and after seeing Bryson's putter, I looked in buying a SIK putter like his. After I got the $750 quote and choked, I purchased a Ping 2i putter and made one from it. I have been loving putting with this thing. I ended up at 43", 76 deg lie and 7 deg loft after having Golf Galaxy adjust the specs for $6. The guy was really helpful. He was concerned about the breaking the putter but since I only had $40 in the head and shaft, I was not really worried about it. I am working on the next one right now as I want to build one with a forged head / milled face for next year. In a post on another site, SIK golf stated the following: "No problem. Yes, 360g is correct. The reason for the multiple setups is because the techs in Europe who worked on his putter weren't familiar with our technology and set his loft incorrectly; the setting of the loft can be an issue if the club tech isn't aware that we have four different flat surfaces on our face. For those interested his specs are as follows: Length: 43 3/4" Loft: 7° Lie: 73° "
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