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  1. Jim Montclair New Jersey 4.1 ghin Srixon 765 irons 5-p T100 test
  2. They did have a demo head and the red, blue and black ATMOS shaft available to test. The ATMOS shaft is $300 bucks to buy alone but Wilson has no upcharge.
  3. I just went to PGA Superstore for a driver fitting. Didn’t have any specific driver in mind to replace my F8+(which I loved the looks of but didn’t get fit for) because the ball was just dropping out of the air. I hit some shots with my club and confirmed my spin was to low (1800rpm with a cut) for my 101 mph swing speed. So I told the fitter that I don’t like the look of a closed club face, because I hit a cut, and to bring me suggestions. After trying several head/shaft combos I was as surprised as anyone to have the Cortex come out on top. Best combo of distance and dispersion and got my s
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