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  1. They did have a demo head and the red, blue and black ATMOS shaft available to test. The ATMOS shaft is $300 bucks to buy alone but Wilson has no upcharge.
  2. I just went to PGA Superstore for a driver fitting. Didn’t have any specific driver in mind to replace my F8+(which I loved the looks of but didn’t get fit for) because the ball was just dropping out of the air. I hit some shots with my club and confirmed my spin was to low (1800rpm with a cut) for my 101 mph swing speed. So I told the fitter that I don’t like the look of a closed club face, because I hit a cut, and to bring me suggestions. After trying several head/shaft combos I was as surprised as anyone to have the Cortex come out on top. Best combo of distance and dispersion and got my spin numbers up (2000-2400). Not to mention it is gorgeous!! Ended up with 10.5 with the ATMOS Black shaft with the weight in the draw setting (to help keep the cut from over cutting) and spin weight in middle front. PGA superstore gave me a good trade in on my F8+ to help take away the sting of the hefty price tag. Ill update it after it has made the trip to Hilton Head for a golf trip at the end of January. It will be a good test since most HH courses are tight driving holes.
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