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  1. 2 hours ago, Springveldt said:

    Lengthy post incoming...

    OK, managed to get back to the exact same GC2 monitor that I hit on back in March. The results were both positive and negative.

    Ignore club names as I was just selecting anything on the screen at the time to give me difference colours, the GC2 guesses club head speed anyway so I was only interested in the ball data.

    Numbers from March when I had my driver set at 9.25 degrees in draw position with a TaylorMade Project(a) ball.



    My first hits where with the Project(a) ball again but I've got my driver at 10.5 degrees just now in Fade since I was trying to play a fade as I've been coming over the top lately. When not in Fade setting my misses have been big pulls left.


    Positive is the big 5mph increase in ball speed, not bad for 6 weeks! Negatives are the huge jump in spin that means I'm not gaining anything really and I'm off the planet right when I leave the face open.

    In true MyGolfSpy fashion I then switched to my current ball the Bridgestone Tour B X to see if that produced any more speed (it should going by the MyGolfSpy ball test).

    I hit 4 shots with the driver in the same setting before lowering it to 9.75 and switching to the Draw setting again.


    Ball speed up nearly 7mph now, I guess the ball testing was accurate as the Bridgestone has given me another 2mph.

    From these results it's obvious that a few things are happening...

    1. I'm hitting down on the ball with my driver instead if hitting up. This is probably because I've been trying to steepen my backswing but I'm not shallowing out enough on the downswing. When I swing with a shallower backswing I have big pulls left with both irons and driver as a miss. This more upright backswing has helped my irons a lot but it may be hurting my driver.

    2. If I keep swinging as I am just now I need to lower my current driver loft to 9 degrees but this is opening the face up even more. If I do that I'll need to make sure I get better club face control but I'm worried I won't be able to control it and start slicing massively.

    3. Superspeed works, there is no doubt about it in my mind.

    Next step is probably to go get a lesson from a local pro who has a Trackman to see if I can retain this speed but adjust my angle of attack to hit up. If I can do that I should be seeing carries into the 260 range.

     If that fails, I guess it's time for a driver fitting as I think I would benefit from a 9 degree driver rather than the 10.5 one I have currently. Plus, it's a 2016 M1 driver I'm hitting, I need an excuse to replace it. 😀

    tl;dr Superspeed works.


    Thanks, that was a good read, great work!  I have to admit I'm just a little jealous of those speeds and distances.  😉


    Plus, it's a 2016 M1 driver I'm hitting, I need an excuse to replace it.

    For sure, you're behind by 5 now!  

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  2. On 7/14/2019 at 9:38 PM, revkev said:

    So I’m participating in a Cobra connect challenge with Bucky from here. Can’t wait - SuperSpeed has definitely gotten my groove back on - I’m just flat out longer - 230 may sound like nothing to many guys but down the middle in wet (no roll) conditions at Sea level - it’s a huge game changer for me.

    I hit an 8 iron 155 under those conditions today too.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    That's great Rev...given my age, size, and amount of golf I've played so far (probably around 50 rounds total), those are the kind of numbers I think I'm capable of as I get my swing to be more efficient over time.  Mostly what I need now is practice time, some lessons (not in the budget this year), and to keep playing.  And of course, keep up with my SS training.

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  3. On 7/9/2019 at 7:04 AM, Springveldt said:

    Hi guys, new user here and another that has started the Superspeed system. I did a decent bit of investigation on it before deciding to give it a go and have read most of this thread now.

    Before starting my driver SS was usually around 97-99 mph on a monitor with the odd 1 or 2 reaching 101 mph. My ball speed on a GC2 was around 148 mph.

    I've been doing the training for 1 month now and I've definitely reached a plateau stage on my dominant side as expected but my weak side is still going up. I will probably get back onto the same GC2 monitor next week to see if there has been any increase in ball speed.

    Current training looks like...


    I've been busy the last week and haven't managed to do any training, so it will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

    On the course I have definitely started to see a difference, especially over the last 2 weeks not only with my driver but my irons as well. It may be the Superspeed system starting to kick in but we've also had decent temperatures the last couple of Saturdays here in the UK that will have helped a little as well.

    I'll stick with the beginner protocol this week before moving onto Stage 1 next week. I really need to start doing the dynamic warm-ups, since a lot of the time I'm rushed my warm-up usually just consists of swing each club gently on both sides (maybe 5 each side) then I take each club and swing them until all reach over 100mph. Usually only takes about 2 minutes in total.


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  4. 16 hours ago, tchat07 said:

    What is everyone doing for maintenance? I've tried to keep up during the summer but it's been a struggle.

    Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app

    I'm doing stage 1 about once per week, although it's been mostly once every other week.  I'm trying to keep the gains I made between Dec and late April, although I've given a little bit back.  I figure I'll keep that up until the end of the season around November 1st, then go back to 3 days a week.

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  5. On 6/28/2019 at 11:32 AM, revkev said:

    You'll get there - your SS is faster than mine - when I'm playing often enough my ball striking tends to be pretty good so I'm able to maximize what I have but you still should surpass me in no time.

    @revkev I think I may be a little slower at this point (still haven't cracked 120 like you have), but that's OK.  I figure you are 4 years older than me, so I have 4 years to catch up.  For now, I'm spending some time working on my swing and happy to maintain my current speed with the maintenance protocol. 

    Now that I've been using my Zepp and making an effort to hit some balls into the net in the yard after work every day, I've found that while my practice shots look pretty good in the Zepp stats (estimated club head speed, swing plane, tempo) once there's a ball there to hit, things drop off quite a bit, a lot more than I would have thought.  The psychology of all this is pretty interesting.  For now, I'm alternating practice swings and hitting the ball to try to even things out. 

    I'm sure it would be better to get to a driving range, but the one near me closed down - very sad, the owner died suddenly and his wife didn't want to keep running the place.  

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  6. 12 hours ago, revkev said:

    I kept hitting effortless 8 iron after 8 iron past the flag at 141 today. Last year it would have taken everything I had to get 7 iron there.


    Drivers were all between 230 and 240 (plus). Last year - 220 was my top end.


    I have a 300 yard drive on my shot scope record and several others over 250.


    SuperSpeed works



    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy


    Man, that's awesome.  I have a ways to go to get to those distances 😉

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  7. On 6/22/2019 at 2:55 PM, sirchunksalot said:

    Here you go Mike Lambert, I was finally able to get some photos of what we've been doing in the yard. We've had a carport over it so it'll shade my wife, and finally took it down today. 20190622_143827-01.jpeg20190622_143753-01.jpeg20190602_104509-02.jpeg

    The retaining block bed still needs some mulch, so it's a work in progress. I'm fortunate that my wife works at Lowe's and we get a discount. The bad part has been having to haul everything in the trunks of our cars, including the stone.

    Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app

    Thanks for the pictures, that looks great!

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  8. Speaking of trying to improve my tempo, here's where I was on 6/5 (from my Zepp, which had been sitting on a shelf for about a year):


    450 swings later (mostly practice swings, but a few balls hit into my net), here's 50 swings from today:


    I'm sure when I'm out there playing tomorrow, won't be quite this good, but definitely seems like a step in the right direction.  It's interesting to be able to measure all this stuff and start to fit it together.  

    The other two metrics I've been paying attention to in Zepp are club speed and club plane, and they are significantly better than this time last year - I really think that is a benefit of the SS training, I certainly haven't been trying to work on that this year.  I did spend a month last spring trying various drills to improve in those areas, but didn't get much improvement over the 6 weeks or so I was tracking that stuff with the Zepp.  I might have said this before, but the level of commitment needed for the SS program is way beyond anything I've done with golf before (I'd usually work on something for 4 - 6 weeks), and I think that's carrying over to my level of commitment to practicing some of this other stuff this year.  Time will tell, but seeing progress is a great motivator.

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  9. 17 hours ago, edingc said:

    Checking in with some actual numbers to report this time. I just completed session 15 of 24 in the level two protocol. I'm definitely in the plateau stage at the moment, these numbers have been consistent for the last several weeks. Sometimes they are higher, sometimes they are lower, but not by much. Tonight's session was a good indication of my current trend.


    I can't wait to be done with the kneeling swings.

    As far as real world results go, I've been happy to see my swing speeds go up across the board on my Swing Caddie during my range sessions. On Monday, my driver hit 108 MPH according to the SC200. I've hit 91 with my 7 iron and 89 MPH with my 8 iron, which is promising.

    As far as on course results, I had the best driving round of the season on Tuesday morning. The distance wasn't spectacular consistently, but there were a few holes where I actually had less than stellar second shots because I simply hit the ball further than I'm used to.

    Lookin' good!

  10. 16 hours ago, edingc said:

    Checking in with some actual numbers to report this time. I just completed session 15 of 24 in the level two protocol. I'm definitely in the plateau stage at the moment, these numbers have been consistent for the last several weeks. Sometimes they are higher, sometimes they are lower, but not by much. Tonight's session was a good indication of my current trend.


    I can't wait to be done with the kneeling swings.

    As far as real world results go, I've been happy to see my swing speeds go up across the board on my Swing Caddie during my range sessions. On Monday, my driver hit 108 MPH according to the SC200. I've hit 91 with my 7 iron and 89 MPH with my 8 iron, which is promising.

    As far as on course results, I had the best driving round of the season on Tuesday morning. The distance wasn't spectacular consistently, but there were a few holes where I actually had less than stellar second shots because I simply hit the ball further than I'm used to.

    Lookin' good!

  11. 14 hours ago, B.Boston said:

    Since today seems like update day:

    I finished level one early this week and feel great about the program. I pretty much kept right up with it and the weather cooperated enough that if I got rained out one night I was able to make it up early the next day or that following evening. I think a large part of the success I have is being able to get out on a normal schedule. It also helps that I enjoy doing this program, and the swing speed radar certainly adds a lot to the excitement/challenge of beating your bests.

    Here’s a summary of my level 1 progress:


    When I started my dry swing was 100 mph on the swing speed radar. That felt like a good number to me at the time. Maybe not my highest, but probably close to my average. Swinging the same way 2 days after the end of level 1 I hit 108 mph! An 8 mph or 8% gain! Lovely!

    A few things I’ve noticed: besides my offhand and red swings, my numbers don’t actually increase much from the first week. Below is a chart of each session. For a while I was ramping up, but I settled down in the last week. More on that after the chart:


    So why do I think I settled down in the last week? Two reasons likely. 1. I’ve been going out on lunch and trying new drivers. As a result probably 2 to 3 times a week I’ve been taking full swings at balls to the time of 50-70 swings per session. It’s not easy trying to find that new combo! (I think my G30 heard that I was looking around and decided she better start performing). 2. I think I got a little lazy with my form. Totally on me, and I know I need to stay focused and engage my lower body, just like out on the course.

    I’ll be starting level 2 probably next Monday as I have a busy weekend coming up. I might just continue with an extra level 1 week because I am going on a golf trip so have 18-36-36 booked for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next week. I’m trying to sneak in another 18 Tuesday too if the wife won’t get too mad!

    Last two points:

    1. Does it work? Beyond the numbers I see in training... your bed your butt it does! My longest drive has come this year about 5 weeks into the program:


    2. While I said 108 was my highest I have two caveats. I did hit 114 on a dry swing, once, somewhere in the 4th or 5th week. It was only once, and wasn’t at the end of level 1 so I’ll leave that as an outlier. Lastly, when hitting balls at the range with the radar I have consistently hit 110-111. I’m not sure if that has something to do with the ball being there or not. But for tracking I decided that since I started with dry swings I would use the highest dry swing versus the ones with a ball at the range to keep the variables consistent.

    Yayyyy to kneeling swings (anyone do the modified standing ones instead?). I mean: On to level 2... and beyond!!!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    That's great!

    I haven't done the modified kneeling swings just the regular kneeling swings.

  12. On 6/19/2019 at 7:53 PM, sirchunksalot said:

    It's good to hear from you, Mike. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your new (old) job and getting some time to practice and play. I'm also just maintaining with SuperSpeed. It's been pretty busy here with the warmer weather keeping up with the yard and working on the wife's dream flower garden. Right now I'm very happy with what I'm seeing off the tee, having hit several drives over 250. My iron game still isn't showing much distance gain, but I'm a little more hesitant to really go at them than I am with the driver.

    Great to hear from you and I hope you'll soon see a drop in the handicap, the extra distance definitely helps. Keep us posted on how you're coming along!

    Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app

    Thanks man!  I've seen a little more distance from my short irons, maybe 10 yards or or so with the 8, 9, pitching wedge, and sand wedge, but hard to tell on the rest of them because I've mostly been struggling - hitting the ball at the very bottom on the face.  Hoping a little slower back swing will help when I play tomorrow (missed last Saturday, we were visiting my mother-in-law).

    Maybe you can post a picture of your wife's dream flower garden, that sounds nice.  Yard work is chewing up some time here too, although we mostly have shrubs and perennials, so it's mostly mowing and trimming with the weed-whacker.  It's still cool and rainy, so I have to mow twice a week, hopefully that won't last much longer.

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  13. Hey Guys!  Been about a month since I've posted, been really busy with work (luckily I'm really enjoying my job, went back to my old company, but a better position, in late Feb after 6 years away).  Traveling to our Raleigh, MC office from Boston once a month which is fun so far (hasn't gotten old yet, and just Tues - Thur).

    Anyway, I wasn't able (well, in a couple of cases, just didn't feel like it 🙂) to do any SS sessions for about three weeks, but was able to get three rounds in on Saturdays during that time.  I have Arccos now, so I have distance stats for this year (none for last year), so this is mainly guestimation, but I'd say on my well-hit drives, I'm about 15 yards better than last year, so really happy about that, but the rest of my game has been pretty lousy.  Hard to tell with the other clubs because I've been struggling with them for the most part.  Then again, I am a 30+ handicap...my goal it to get down to about a 24 by fall, which I think is very doable if I continue practicing.  The past three years since I started playing I've mainly just played once a week and not practiced much, and I know that's not a recipe for success.

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to go to maintenance mode until the season ends to free up a couple of days to practice other stuff, mainly chipping from 15 yards and in and being able to just hit the ball with a hybrid or longer iron.  My speed during SS training is down a bit from my peak, but figure it's one of those normal dips and I'm not gonna worry about it.

    Like sirchunksalot mentioned a few pages back, I've been struggling especially with that second and third shot (most of those 3rd shots are because of the 2nd shot), really pretty much anything over a 9 iron it feels like.  Right now I'm using a Zepp and Orange Whip to help work on my tempo, which around 2.2:1 a couple of weeks ago and I think a big cause of my problems (quick back-swing seems to make me sway a bit).  I'm now able to work my way from about a 2.6:1 to close to 3:1 about about 15 practice swings, so making progress.  I've picked up a few training aids (Zepp, Orange Whip, Putt-Out, and now SS and Arccos) the past three years, but hadn't really stuck with them long until I discovered SS training, and now I'm inspired to use them more.

    Anyway, back to work, hope to be able to jump back on here more often and see how everyone else is coming along.


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  14. Hey All - I haven't had a chance to drop by for about 2 weeks now.  

    First off:  welcome to the new guys!  I just caught of on all your posts, I'm psyched to see you join us - I'm an "unofficial tester" like you guys (just finished week 22), and having new folks definitely keeps the enthusiasm going, in a training program this long, some weeks it's more like a chore.

    With all the rain and cold this spring here in the Boston area, I've only gotten in two session for the past 5 weeks, and my speeds have been down just a tick. Haven't practiced at all, which certainly doesn't help.   Playing my 3rd round of the season tomorrow - the first round was great (for me), my second round was awful - couldn't hit anything (didn't play last weekend, my youngest kid graduated from college, woo hoo!)...but one thing that stands out so far is I've hit the ball straighter than I ever have in the 3 years I've been playing.  Hopeful I didn't just jinx myself.  Anyway, I'm chalking that up to the SS drills, no matter what anyone says ;-)



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  15. Thought I'd post a few numbers now that I've finished week 20...the past 3 weeks have been busy, so I've only been able get 2 sessions a week in, but my speeds have been holding pretty steady.  I plan to work in the ASD protocols starting next week - I'm going to skip the first one and jump to the second since sequencing is a bit more of a problem for me than ground contact.  Running that for 6 weeks will get me to the end of level 3, then I'll go into maintenance mode for the rest of the summer which will free up some time for practice between rounds on Saturdays.  Not sure if that's enough time to get out of the current plateau, but I'll be happy to stay where I am and not lose ground.

    I got to play my first round of the season this past Saturday, and was pretty happy especially considering I haven't been able to hit balls at the range or into a net in my yard due to all the rain we've had.  Broke my previous best score by 4 strokes (97 - it's not easy being a 30+ handicap)...if I hadn't missed 4 putts I normally would have made and didn't blow up on a couple of par 3s on 16 and 17, I had a good shot at 90.  Next round: tomorrow.

    I think I was hitting a little longer than last year, but was a bit wild and hit some pop-ups off the tee and was a bit left.  Don't have any data from last year - this was my first round with the Arccos, which is an awesome device.  Definitely was more comfortable in my swing than last year, and everything I hit was pretty straight (except one drive that I pulled left to the far side of the neighboring fairway - but made my best shot of the day with a 7 iron 140 yds onto the green, wouldn't have done that last year).

    Anyway, here's the numbers:


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  16. 19 hours ago, ga_pike said:

    So after reading this thread and the article, I pulled the trigger.  Mine arrived today and I did my first protocol this afternoon.  Couple of observations...

    1. 3 swings per side is way more intensive than I expected it to be
    2. My swing speed is all over the place...  I assume that is normal to start with?
    3. Right handed swings are tough for a lefty
    4. I'm understanding this is 3 times a week...  I assume at least 1 day off in between?  

    Welcome aboard!

  17. 7 hours ago, revkev said:

    We shouldn’t loose sight of the fact that SuperSpeed has been great through this process. For example their little post a week or so ago about how to maintain during the season was huge. I was really struggling with what to do between play and work. Work will slow after next week and having done maintenance the past few weeks I’ll jump back in where I left off.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Absolutely!  I'm not even part of the official test group, and they treated me as is I was. 

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  18. On 4/11/2019 at 11:17 AM, SuperSpeed Golf said:

    Great job to everyone who has been doing the training! If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@superspeedgolf.com

    We are in the golfing season now! If you were wondering how to maintain your current speed gain without advancing through the protocols just yet, you can perform our level 1 protocol once per week. Through testing we have found this to be enough to maintain the neurological reaction speed reset. 

    By doing this you can prolong your plateau phases thus to prevent inconsistencies in speed and distance on the course throughout your competitive season. When you have 3 weeks break you can get back to training and pick up where you left off, once the 3 week break is up you can go back to the "maintenance protocol".

    Everyone eventually will hit their maximum speed predominantly due to genetics. But there are ways in which you could further advance your speed by improving how your body moves. We highly recommend getting physically assessed by a TPI Certified expert near you to further advance your speed gains while using SuperSpeed!

    Thanks for the suggestion!  Do you maintain a list or know if there is there a way to search on the SS website for TPI certified trainers that know the SuperSpeed program?  I was poking around the site, but didn't see anything (which could just be me missing it).

  19. Hey All -  been a few weeks I think since I've posted any numbers, so I figured I'd toss out a spreadsheet.  I few weeks back, someone (I forget who) posted a formula to project driver speed based on the three SS sticks (81% for green, 85% blue, and 88% red), so I added a column to average those out - it's one way to see see progress a little more clearly over time, and it seems to be a really good approximation based on a few swings with the driver here and there to see how things match up).  Still in that plateau (expected) and have slowed up just a little the past 2 or 3 weeks, which I attribute to not getting as much sleep lately and my eating being a bit off (lot of treats, I gained about 4 pounds the past moth, oops!).  I'm hoping to start playing in couple of weeks (tomorrow will be rainy, or we wouldn't gone out, then its Easter weekend).  It'd be great to start the year hitting the driver in the 88-90 range (secretly hoping for 90-92), get to that next jump, and once I get to the end of this protocol go into maintenance mode as suggested by (I'm assuming Daisy) in the last SS Golf post.  Hope to catch that elusive 120 mph soon too 😉 

    Looking forward to update from the rest of the gang.


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  20. On 4/3/2019 at 2:31 AM, mr.hicksta said:

    I started Level 2 tonight, and yeah, I don’t like he crow hop swing. I suspect I’ll improve as I get deeper in the protocol, but it’s going to be awkward for a couple weeks.

    You should email Superspeed support and ask for the new protocols, they eliminated the crow hop.  They were great about sending them to me when I let them know I was informally tagging along here.

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  21. 47 minutes ago, Bucky CC said:

    I finished my week 26 training yesterday and this morning was able to play for the first time since October.  It was hard to get an accurate read on my overall driving distance as the temperature was around 50° and there was very little roll, but I seemed to be carrying my drives to about the spot I used to get with roll last summer.  Maybe an extra 15-20 yards?

    I brought my SwingSpeed radar along to the range before the round as well.  Most of my swings were around 115mph, but I did hit 118 as I started to warm up.  I'm going in for a full bag fitting sometime in the next two weeks so I'll let everyone know if there are any big equipment changes coming.  Otherwise most of my posts will probably migrate over to the 2019 Cobra Connect challenge thread.

    Lastly, thank you to my fellow testers for sharing this journey with me.  The biggest obstacle with the SuperSpeed training program is definitely staying committed to the program, but it was much easier with everyone else going through the same peaks and valleys and offering feedback and encouragement along the way.  Thanks!  🙌


    Thanks Bucky, best of luck out on the course.  I have to say i’m a bit in awe of your numbers!

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