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  1. Here are some before and after pics of a beat up, rusty old Circa 62 No. 3 that I refinished in black oxide.
  2. The putters were rusty, dinged and dented and in overall awful shape to begin with and basically had no facemilling remaining. I just do this as a hobby I don't have the ability to remill faces. The owners of the putters understood that I'd need to at least lightly sand the face to prep it for the finish and were OK with the shallow lack of milling or requested complete removal of the milling marks. These putters were all requested to be glossy and probably look overglossy because they are oiled.
  3. Pro Platinum Newport Two MidSlant converted to black oxide:
  4. A few of my recent refinish projects: Pro Platinum Newport MidSlant converted to black oxide: Oil Can Newport converted to black oxide: Studio Design 2 converted to black oxide: Chrome Wilson 8813 stripped and torched: Stainless Newport Two Select beadblasted to a satin finish:
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