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  1. I need to replace the shaft in my 19* 816H2. I'd like to put a 1/2" extension in a shaft from a 21* 816H2 and use that... but a voice in the back of my head is saying "Don't be a cheap bastage! Buy a shaft that is cut for a 19* head!" Would the tipping of the extended shaft from the 21* head create spin/ball flight issues in a 19* head? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for putting this together... looks like fun! Tie Breaker: Thorbjorn Olsen Winning Score = -13
  3. 1. Joseph - Illinois 2. 6.9 - ? (high 90's) 3. M4/Tour AD IZ (S) 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero - Please and thank you!
  4. I'm a refugee from the now defunct GEA... happy to be participating in a group with much more discussion dedicated to equipment. Fingers crossed! 1. Joseph - Illinois 2. 6.9 - No idea (fitted into a GD Tour AD IZ 5 in stiff flex) 3. TM M4 4. G410 Plus (please, and than you!)
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