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  1. I am always down to play, if needed, I can always set something up here in Delaware too...cricket, cricket
  2. There are a few decent videos on YouTube to help you with this project. Can't wait to see how the experience goes for ya
  3. After giving this some thought, I mean some real thought, I think I would set the goal of shooting a 69 or better. I feel that I am close so now it's time to really put a plan in place. The first thing I plan on doing is working on my putting. This is my Achilles heel. I plan on spending time on my putting mat working on my stroke and aim. This will improve my confidence while on the green. I need to change my mindset as well while putting. Honestly, anything outside of about 6 feet, I tend to think is an automatic two putt. This needs to change. The next thing I plan on working on is my chipping and pitching. I feel like I'm pretty decent here but I want to make sure anything just off the green is within about a 5 foot range. My iron play is pretty good as well as my woods, not saying I can't improve there but I will see the biggest bang for my buck in the short game. So, bring on the 2022 season (once all the snow is gone)!
  4. I agree, I can't believe I missed the new Cobra King Tec hybrid release a few months back. But, this is always a fun time of year, I like seeing what every company comes up with and what new idea will take the market by storm.
  5. Reading this post leads me to wonder..... At what temperature do you call it and say it's too cold? I will play into the low 40's but usually don't go below that too often, how about you all?
  6. I agree with @cnosil. Even the weight of the clubs. You may be swinging one faster than the other. Get on a launch monitor and check out the data side by side.
  7. I put on a winter base layer (underarmour type shirt), a long sleeve and then a nice 3/4 zip pullover. I typically don't like too many layers because it really impedes the swing. The main thing I do differently though is walk. That way I am constantly moving and often times I may take a layer off. Full disclosure, I typically run hot anyway and living in Delaware we don't get days that are too bad, I will play in temps in the low 40's, but probably not go below that unless there is a lot of sun and no wind.
  8. I plan on it, we are playing Pebble two times so I'm sure if I forget to take pics the first round I will be able to grab some the second time around. Might throw in a video of the 7th hole.
  9. Congrats on the new position! Looking forward to this upcoming year.
  10. I know! I am still in shock. However I still feel guilty about this somehow. Don't get me wrong, I am super appreciative about the gift. I guess I just don't know how to feel since I have never received a gift of this magnitude before.
  11. So I have a crazy update to this story! After letting my buddy know I was not going to make the trip to Pebble because I was choosing my family over everything else, he politely acknowledged it and said he fully understood. After a month or two, my wife kept telling me she wishes I would have gone on the trip since she knew it was a bucket list trip for me. Well...he had someone back out of the trip and asked me again and after a very long extensive talk with my wife, I decided to go. I called Pebble, put the deposit down and started to get really excited that I was ACTUALLY going to go to Pebble Beach!!!!!! I had a plan, I would work my second job (at my golf course) longer into the off (season than I usually do) and all the money from that would go towards the trip hoping to still be able to take my family someplace nice this year as well. It will be tough, but doable. This past weekend, my buddy and his wife come over and he hands me a card. Inside the card is a gift card to Pebble Beach for the amount of our trip. He tells me he knows how important family is to me and he didn't want me to worry about taking away from them to golf with him. I told him I could not accept it, and that I could handle it, but he insisted. He told me how important it was for him that I come on the trip and they really wanted to do this for us. Now full disclosure, he makes a ton more than I do as a teacher. Hell, ONE of his bonus checks is more than I make in a year. That being said, I still didn't know what to say. I felt awkward, because I fully believe in your work for what you get, if you can't afford to go...then you just don't go. I just don't know how to handle such a generous gift. If I had the money I would do the same thing and not think twice, however when you are on the receiving end I guess it's different.
  12. I carry 4. My PW, Gap, 52 and 56. I recently bought the gap wedge due to a hole in my distances. I went by full swing distances which are as follows: PW-135 yards Gap-125 52-115 56 100 I just found that I had a massive hole in my set between 135-115 yards. I didn't like changing my swing of the PW to try to baby a shot at say 127 yards, or having to really stand on my 52 to get it to maybe go 120, so I had to buy the Gap wedge to fill the need. I will say, it is my LEAST used club in the bag.
  13. I would opt for the roll of lead tape and not the precut pieces. A roll you can contour the pieces better and smooth them to conform to the bottom of the driver. Easy to put on and take off.
  14. So this is an interesting topic and I am definitely intrigued. I am retiring in five years and need another source of income, something in the golf world preferably. With this concept of no employees and open 24 hours, how do you all plan on explaining how to operate the system to get it up and running for each group? I also saw where members can invite guests, what is to stop me being a member and giving my buddy the door code when ever he wants it? Lastly, if it is a BYOB, who is liable if someone leaves this facility and causes an accident? Just a few preliminary questions.
  15. Don't ever go out to the right...where is the fun in that?! I do the same thing you do, I play a nice 200 yard shot and trust it. 16 is tough too, because anything just a bit off is in the water or if you are long you are pitching back down the hill with the water in clear view. It's a good couple holes back there.
  16. HA! I play there all the time!!! Island fairway...did you go for it or play it safe off to the right?
  17. Before you commit, try a 5 or 7 wood instead. They launch the ball higher, and are more forgiving. At least compare a hybrid to one of these woods. I put a 5 wood in my bag about a year ago, and took out my 3 hybrid and I could not have been happier. Something to think about.
  18. Absolutely! I am game whenever you are buddy!
  19. I think you hit on some very strong points here. I have always been a very competitive person for better or worse and I have been an upper tier athlete in my younger days. I have very high expectations when it comes to sports. This is the one sport that has brought me(along with most of us) to my knees. I would say I am a decent golfer, not great but I can hold my own. This is the last sport I picked up. I've said it a hundred times, I don't consider myself a golfer. I think how I don't consider myself a golfer is one of the reasons why I, unintentionally, hold myself back from being a better golfer than what I am. My higher expectations adds a level of stress that I am always playing under. Why do this to myself...I will never be a tour player. I think that if I lowered my own expectations and didn't "care" as much as I do, then I would play better. I am like most of us on here...the less I think about my swing, the better I play. I just need to do this more.
  20. I help coach an inner city golf team here in Delaware (Dover High School), many of our kids have never played before and many have either old equipment or really cheap starter sets. If you have not found a home for them, I would love to give them to some of our kids. If they are spoken for no worries, this is a great thing you are doing!
  21. I agree with @cnosil. I will say however, I would try to find a small local shop if possible. In these times, they could use the business more so than say a Club Champion or big box retailer. As for myself, I went to Club Champion for a fitting a while back, got my specs and had my local pro order me the club in the specs I needed. Club Champion was paid for the fitting, and the local pro made out on his end as well. Just my two cents.
  22. Just be warned about Club Champion, they will try to upsell you shafts, heads etc. I have used them before and I tell them I am not planning on buying the upgraded shafts, so maybe tell them you want stock shafts. I will say however, they are very good, and you will love the experience!
  23. After being away for much of the season, I am back on now and I have to say I am liking the new look to the site. I just wanted to say, this is why MGS is the best site to be on! Keep it up gang!
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