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  1. Yes, I love the feel, and I think the TX will be your shaft. I have never hit them, but like I said, they are a bit softer than the x100. They just feel smooth, the x100 to me felt way more stout (which I don't mind either) but I would never use the word smooth with the x100. When I was fitted, using the Mizuno fitting tool, the Modus never even came up on the recommended shafts for me. The top one was the x100. I picked the Modus because I was used to it I guess. It was in the last set of clubs I had and is in my gamers now.
  2. I was reading through your posts, I have the Modus 120x shafts and I feel as if I have a hard transition too. I was a former baseball player and I absolutely love this shaft. It's a bit softer than what you currently swing (x100) but it's much smoother too. My swing is more like Jon Rahm, not much of a backswing but a lot of torque. The shaft keeps up, no problem.
  3. I kind of feel the same, I would love to see Mizuno or Srixon come out well. I would love to hit these, but there are no places around me that carry either one.
  4. HELL NO. You can put all the tech into a putter but until you change my arms, my shoulders, my feet, my eyes, my brain and decision making skills on the greens it wont matter!
  5. Like many of you, I think it depends on the conditions and where the trouble is and where the pin is on the green. If it's windy, I tend to take the longer club, unless the wind is at my back obviously. If I have trouble left and right and back, but nothing in the front, AND a front pin I don't have any issue taking the lower club and coming up short. I do a lot of bump and run shots around the green so I am pretty confident that if I'm short I will be able to get up and down fairly regularly. The main thing I don't want to do is try to swing slower. Every time I try to do that, I get all out of rhythm and the resulting shots are bad. So when I do take longer club, I usually choke down.
  6. So, what are you looking for in an iron? If it's just weight, you can change shafts and grips to achieve that. I tested the Ping G410 iron a few years ago for MGS and they were very forgiving and felt decent. I compared them to my Mizuno JPX 900 forged irons (which I loved), and they were not too bad. I have to say the feel of the Mizuno was much softer and the head profile is smaller. The Ping offered better off center performance and a larger overall footprint. If you are looking at getting something a few years older to save money I would say look at these two. If I had to choose, I prefer the Mizuno's feel, if I was a higher handicap golfer, I would say Ping. You may want to look at the Mizuno JPX Hotmetals too. Hit as many as you can and go from there.
  7. I play out of Maple Dale Country Club and Wild Quail in Delaware, the good thing about being such a small state is I am close to every course in our state.
  8. Sorry, just now seeing this. If I were you, I would join the course that is closer to you. At 45 minutes away, although the course is nicer you will use it less...especially with a child on the way. Look at it this way, most rounds are lets say 3-4 hours if the course is busy, add on almost two hours in travel time. That means a good portion of your day will be spent at that course. With the one that is only 20 minutes away, that's not too bad, even if you wanted to just hop over and play 9 holes or hit range balls. Your family will appreciate the closer course.
  9. I'm in the same boat, I have the Epic Flash sub zero, but it's about 5 years old now and it has reached the age just like you said. Ball speeds on center hits cannot increase, however, from what I understand, there is room to increase ball speed on off center strikes...not that any of us need that.
  10. So I am in the market for a new driver and thought I wanted the new TSR, watched a video or three regarding the new Callaway Paradym driver and everyone is saying how good it is (more so than the usual Youtube guys hyping drivers). I've not liked Callaway's lineup the past few years but am intrigued with this one. THEN, I saw the Cobra and again, a lot of guys are saying how good it is. Now who the hell knows, I love this time of year and hate it at the same time. Love seeing all the new drivers/tech coming out but can't hit any until the spring. UGH!!!!!
  11. there goes your security deposit. haha Sorry I missed this trip, especially since this is almost my backyard. Have a great round tomorrow boys and play well! love this thread
  12. So I just got back from my Pebble Beach trip and I have to say it was nothing short of fantastic. We played Del Monte, Pebble Beach x2, Spanish Bay, Spyglass and The Hay x2. We stayed at the Lodge at Pebble as well, and I will say we really didn't lift a finger. The people were so accommodating and friendly (they should be for the price), and the golf was top notch. Here are my takeaways from each course: Del Monte: The course itself was nothing to write home about and it was average at best. The greens were rolling fast, and were in great shape. The rest of the course was pretty dry and crispy due to lack of rain. It was a decent start to the week, however I think if I were to go again, I would skip playing here and play Bayonet or another course close by. Pebble: What can you say about Pebble that has not been said before?! What a course, and the views are unreal. We played one round in the morning and one round in the afternoon. I would recommend playing in the afternoon. The morning round we kept dealing with the marine layer (fog), that would roll in and out like the tide. As a science teacher I found it cool how quick it would roll in and 15 minutes later it would clear up, then another 30 minutes it would come back. The course was in great shape and we had caddies for each round. I would highly recommend getting one. I was one of the higher handicap golfers on the trip (I am a 7 hcp) while most of the guys are scratch and we ALL had a really hard time reading the greens. What looks like uphill putts will be downhill. It was like we were in opposite world on the greens. I have to say my favorite hole is probably 6. You really don't realize how high up your second shot has to be. When watching Pebble on TV, the second shot looks like it is a small uphill second shot...WRONG. That hill is probable 50-70 feet up. Much bigger than I thought. Hole 7 was playing 91 yards and hole 8 is INCREDIBLE as well. These three holes are the best on the course. Hole 18 was one of the most nerve racking tee shots I've hit in a long time. How much of the water do you cut off? I have to say, I played a cut here and nailed the fairway. All in all, I didn't find Pebble to be overly difficult of a course. Not a lot of trouble to get yourself into. However, this was NOT MY FAVORITE COURSE. Spanish Bay: If you like links golf, you will LOVE Spanish Bay. It is right on the water, seals are barking and the wind is blowing. The course was in great shape and again, the greens were rolling fast. The views were great with dunes everywhere. Long hitters will not like Spanish Bay. We did not have a caddie here and we probably should have. We hit a lot of shots at this course that we "thought" were good, only to find out that we were in crap of had a bad line to the pin. Spanish Bay had the best clubhouse and restaurants of any of the three big courses we played. Very nice. This was my SECOND FAVORITE. Spyglass: PLAY THIS COURSE! This was by far my favorite course!!! It ranks #2 for my of all time only behind Bethpage Black. The front 9 is on the coast and the back 9 is in the trees. The views here are to die for the course was pristine everywhere you looked. The proshop was super underwhelming and small with only a snack shack for food. The fairways were generous and the greens were fast and true. If I ever go back, I am not so sure I would play Pebble again, however I would play Spyglass everyday if I could. Don't get me wrong, Spyglass is a tough course. Much tougher than Pebble. If you want a challenge with all the views and then some, this is the course for you. Treat yourself to this course, you won't regret it. The Hay: This is Tiger Wood's par 3 designed, nine hole course. It was a fun little course, with the longest hole being 106 yards. I will say I saw more workers and mowers on this course than I see on my home 18 hole course. Not too many straight putts here and my buddy actually hit a hole in one while we were there. Does this count as an official hole in one or no? Now if you are planning on going to Pebble...bring your wallet. This is one VERY EXPENSIVE trip, but cross it off your bucket list because it's not ever going to get cheaper.
  13. I would recommend Mid South, Dormie Club (if you can get on) and Pinehurst #7. I go down every year and these are some of my favorites. Tobacco Road looks hard from the tee box but is actually a pretty easy course if you don't trust your eyes. Get a yardage book or and trust the book. Landing areas are really big but look tiny from the tee boxes.
  14. I was too, and I hated that watch. I may have received a bad one, but mine took a very long time to load up courses, would shut off (with a full charge) and it would skip holes at times. I did like the graphics on it, but I just think the Garmin watches are better.
  15. The S60 is a great watch/gps. Let me know how you like it, I've been debating on getting one as well.
  16. Okay, okay, okay. I guess we should not keep it a secret any longer. Yes, I will be attending and doing a small autograph/photo session before our round. Please, no need to get star struck. I am a normal person just like you all. I put my shoes on, one leg at a time. Rob, as always, I am humbled. Can't wait!
  17. I agree, St. Michaels is a very pretty small town filled with good restaurants, a winery and a distillery which is right on the water. Annapolis is also extremely beautiful with great food and sights. Kent Island and Kent Narrows both have great places on the water to eat and have some drinks while you watch the boats come in or go out for the day. Across the street from Queenstown, are a set of Tanger Outlet stores so shopping is always an option close by. If spouses want to travel, they can drive about an hour and a half and hit Ocean City, Md., or any of the Delaware beaches. The Delaware beaches offer tax free shopping at Tanger Outlets as well, and a TON of brewery's (Dogfish Head is a must stop along with Thompson Island Beer Company) I must warn you...traffic will be bad on the weekends. This drive, with traffic will be more like 2-2.5 hours depending on the time. Kent Island also offers a "beach" but it's on the Chesapeake Bay so is it really a beach?! Lots to do nearby, sky's the limit.
  18. Let's gooooooo!!!!! Masters week is here!
  19. I make my own jerky so I usually bring that. The protein helps curb my appetite throughout the round.
  20. I am golf only for Sat., can't wait to meet everyone and to be able to put a face to some names! Glad to see we are getting some out of towners too! This is why this place is so damn good!!!!
  21. Guys, I can tell you Queenstown is a great course, I live about 45 min away. I can also recommend restaurants if needed (many are at Kent Narrows on the water). I have never stayed in the cottages, however they look really nice and offer sweet patios with firepits for a few nightly drinks overlooking the water. If you are not looking to stay in one of the cottages, there is a Holiday Inn Express and a Best Western located in Kent Narrows about 10 minutes away that you can book. Let me know if I can be of any help and hope to see you all there!
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