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  1. To me, I feel like it is going to come down to the ST vs. the F9. With all of the positive buzz around these drivers, it definitely has me excited to hit them. I have hit most of the new stuff, and thus far the F9 has been the standout for me, and when you factor in the very reasonable price tag i am thinking its going to be hard to beat. Considering that the ST is going to fit into a similar price bracket, I am excited to see if it can keep up with the F9. Should be able to get my hands on one within a couple of weeks to give these two a good head to head. Really excited to hear the comment around the face sitting open at address.
  2. Jesse - Alberta, Canada 7 hcp - 106-110 swing speed G400 LST - Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS I would like to try the G410 Plus I have always been a big fan of Ping drivers. Loved the G25, which I gamed for a number of years and have very much enjoyed the G400 LST. The new G410 has some big shoes to fill that's for sure.
  3. Really looking forward to testing some strong 3 woods. Never been a Callaway guy, but the Epic Flash Sub Zero has me interested. Jailbreak and adjustability is a plus. TS3 will get some testing and so will a 410 stretch is that comes out.
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