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  1. This is so player dependent, but look at your rounds and track how often you need the different long clubs vs the gapping down low. My gap wedge is my 100 yard, my 54 is my 80, my 60 is the sand and high lofted shot. With those I can manufacture most of my shots. If you can do all your 100 in shots with 3 wedges and use the long clubs you’re adding, I’d say go for it.
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    Smashed burgers are the best. Do on a griddle in my grill. Kids won’t have it any other way
  3. Got LASIK 14 years ago. Such a world change to no longer need glasses. More depth perception. Never could get contacts to work for me. Best money I’ve spent.
  4. I’m a 15-16 ratio. Just what gets the most out of the coffee
  5. This answers the question. With my current setup, I have a K grind 58 degree. Was my own thought that more bounce is better. But finding as my bunker technique improved and when sand is even slightly firm, I bladed the heck out of it. Was looking for aggressive ground heel and toe. Hard to tell those from pictures.
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    Ball Fitting

    TGW (golf warehouse not TXG) did test these 4. The guy swings 100 mph driver, so more relatable to us mortals than Matt Blois. He ended up performing the best with the Tour BX. Interesting product video as he even compared to last year’s model, which the difference was slight
  7. I just got email that Arccos and Ping are doing the trial program again for free sensors but only 3 month trial. I’d complain if they accidentally shorted you. I have a G400 driver that is eligible for this. If you let the subscription lapse, can you get it back later?
  8. @azstu324 I currently have Vokey wedges. Was leaning towards the TSW. When I did my wedge fitting, liked the aggressive grind on the Mizuno 60 degree. Also never realized how much the shaft changed wedge feel. Glad to see Golfworks have the KBS Hi-rev. Truespec gives out their prescription for the club and the fitter did recommend getting less bounce and doing the toe/heel relief
  9. Resurrection post. I got fitted and have the spec for a Mizuno T20, but it’s hard to spend $200 on a club that should be replaced every couple of years. For those who’ve used Golfworks builders, how are they if I give the specific lie and weight?
  10. Some questions to help clarify. What sort of turf you see? Sand? How confident are you in your bunker play? What loft is your PW? Is there a brand you like more than others?
  11. Yeah, trying to save some cash. I play 20-30 times a year and fitter himself said to save my money and play more golf. Going to wait for next year
  12. Also like a Golf Sidekick. Helped my mental outlook on playing and scoring as a consequence
  13. I did a fitting and was using a Mavrik Max 5 wood and just hit all the high points (easy to launch, straight, soft landing). Wondering how much difference to the Epic Flash fairway
  14. Also a good fitter will help you identify where it is your swing and strike vs the club. They should be checking your original clubs to see how you hit them.
  15. I did this fitting. Truly a great experience. Nice of them to extend to end of the year Due to the overwhelming support of this initiative, we’re happy to announce we’ve extended our free fittings for first responders and healthcare professionals THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR. See below for more information, and be sure to forward to your friends! FIRST RESPONDERS & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS On behalf of everyone at True Spec Golf, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. In appreciation of the heroes who have been bravely managing the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, True Spec is offering FREE fittings for first responders and healthcare professionals through the end of the year. Mention the promo code THANKYOU19 when booking & be sure to bring an ID to your fitting to show us where you work.
  16. More modern irons add distance by lower loft. Not going to improve accuracy much. Go Big imo
  17. They did not go into used wedges. Do people see the change in spin consistency that Titleist claimed last year?
  18. This is long. You have been warned! Went up to Columbus, Oh for a fitting with Chad Evans with TrueSpec. The fitting was top notch. This was a complimentary fitting for health providers and first responders. Went in with guarded mindset. Like what I would have with test driving a car. Chad is a thorough professional with the fit. As he said, he’s a fitter and not a salesman. Goals were to improve my dispersion on my driver which low hooks, improve my iron dispersion. We started with the irons. One thing that I loved about this over other places is you hit out of a bay to a practice range. Indoors I have hard time visually seeing targets to start the ball. Hitting my G15 6 iron, he said we could try something new, but I had great smash and good launch, height. Only needed a bit more spin (5200 rpm average) which he felt ball change would take care of that. We tried a couple clubs, Wilson D7 and Ping G410, but didn’t get any improvement compared to mine. Then went to driver. This is where Chad really got my trust. I hit 3 shots, my normal low draw/hook, and he said you have a path problem and not a club problem. I had 4 degree in to out and toe hit. He did a lesson to get me to correct that path. Trying to hit high fades. Ended up zeroing out my path and got the optimized on my driver. We did hit a TS2 with a lighter shaft and was great with that, but his recommendation was to go to the range to groove new swing. Wedges next and this is where Chad the fitter shined. I have high bounce Vokey SM6 58 K grind and SM7 54 F grind. We got talking about why I picked those. Then got to test out different grinds. Actually fit much better in Mizuno 60 deg 6 bounce. And shaft change to KBS Hi-Rev was eye opening. Was able to hit the lob wedge driving out to 70 yards and lob shots as well. Then we got to the long range clubs. I hit my M2 3HL well. Two hits and he said next. Then 3 hybrid was a mess. 4 hybrid was fine. So we got down to talking about long range gapping. Had me try a Mavrik Max 5 wood and was hitting the target green and stopping at 200 carry. Recommendation to trade in my 818 3hybrid and go to 3 wood and 5 wood to gap better. All in all, if you want a great fitting experience, go to TrueSpec. Especially if you are near Columbus OH, look up Chad Evans. Straight info, no BS, no pressure to buy, but great input on how to best allocate the funds.
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  20. Just a couple questions to get better feel of what you’re asking? Which type of shots are you struggling? Chips, pitches, bump and runs? Which ball are you using? What happens with different lies for you?
  21. Get the clubs checked by the fitter. There are stories that someone ordered X swing weight and got Y from the manufacturer. Also if you picked different grips than were on the demo, that can change swing weight
  22. That is a sick rig! Thank your for your service I got a Ping Traverse. Like you I push cart all the time. Wanted a cart bag that works well angled. Also was on sale!
  23. You pay more upfront for Gen 2, but then do not have to do subscription services going forward. Otherwise all the same. Not likely to change what you’ve not liked so far
  24. I tested the Ping G400 vs the G400 Max and found faster ball speed and equal dispersion. The G400 is very high MOI for a smaller head, probably beats lot of 460cc drivers out there.
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