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  1. Getting to play in Ohio in mid-January is blessing. After my last round of only +6, was expecting to come back to earth. Leaving my putter at home didn’t help. Ended up 89, my best score at this course ever, and more importantly played with the same ball the whole round.
  2. I remember a TXG video comparing blade vs game improvement iron. One thing they mentioned was club head drooping more with GI than the blade because of the toe weight of the GI heads. Which means requisite lie angle might be different for the G410 vs your Mizunos. Might be best to test before just changing the angle.
  3. I did Golftec lesson plan couple years ago. I got the lessons and a 3 month unlimited practice. Being from Cincinnati, the indoor practice with video was so helpful. The lessons were great and the Clubhouse allowed me to get recaps of the lesson to help me remember things. Hope your time is as good
  4. Got out today because was 47 and sunny. Got late start, so thought was only going to play 9, scored 42, easily my best nine. Then we thought to do a few more holes. Played 7 more holes in even par. We had skipped a couple holes because of losing light. Wished we hadn’t. My previous best was 86, and I figured out was 68 though 16 holes with a par 5 and 4 left. Doh!
  5. Should be an older pro who is big name. I’m thinking Phil Mickelson. As for celebs, Justin Timberlake, Alice Cooper, John Smoltz, Tony Romo
  6. My issue is not the temp for myself. It that when the high is 40, it was frosty in the morning. And the course still puts in tee times at first light. So every tee time is backed up by 40 minutes for frost and slow going all day long. Definitely walking when cold
  7. Another person to try is Larry Cheung. Lot of emphasis on lower body movement and rotation in his teaching. Check out his channel. He has good stuff, teaches the TXG guys, and not yet built up a following to make it hard to work with him online
  8. Congrats. I only have 6950 to go
  9. If you want a deeper dive https://simplifaster.com/articles/overspeed-training-beyond-maximal-velocity/
  10. I was reading up on the overspeed training studies. Most of them are in the baseball world. There was one interesting question brought up is there a minimum amount needed. This study had looked what would happen if only swinging one of the SuperSpeed clubs as opposed to all 3. Interesting that the group doing the protocol only with the 10% lighter club still produced similar speed increases to the 3 club protocols. Swinging just the heavy or lightest clubs did not improve speed. Just seeing what you think https://par4success.com/articles/are-you-using-overspeed-correctly
  11. I am looking into rain gear. I don’t want to break the bank and found Dicks is having buy one get one free on Walter Hagen apparel. Which would let me get pants and jacket for $80. Anyone tried their rain gear?
  12. Rchang

    Snell golf balls

    I jumped on the Black Friday deal and got both the MTB and the MTB-X (puts them at Maxfli cost). Played nine today, able to hit one of each type through the round. Lost two of the MTB-X and still have the Black. Makes me go
  13. Golf can wait. Did love my karate before time got away with family and work. If you go away, I’m sure we’ll be here to welcome you back
  14. I am looking to set up trip for 2021. Really like the idea of staying in St. Andrews and branch out. Got some ideas for itinerary?
  15. Dang, could have gotten that prime rib at Whole Foods
  16. If it gets to 50 degrees here, the course looks like it’s Labor Day. .. with free beer at the end of the round
  17. Update. Birthday money spent. Ended up getting the puttout and using the rest to buy better golf shoes than I normally would get, FJ Fury in the Mail. I already use a yardstick. Puttout showed lot of speed control issues on overpowering short putt.
  18. Hang in there. I broke 90 for the first time earlier this year And thought consistent 80s were in my sight. Alas, work taking lot more time and family first takes away golf time. Seasons for every time. I have had to tell myself to enjoy being out with friends and the golf will drop where it will
  19. It was a code. Can’t transfer
  20. Fellow Spies, I received a gift card to Amazon for my birthday yesterday. Trying to figure what to get. Don’t need new clubs. Pretty good at the ball supply too. First thought was either Puttout Pressure aid and the mirror or put towards a SuperSpeed sticks. My current driver at 230-250, 7 iron at 150. 2-5 foot make rate not good. Lag putting is good. Thoughts?
  21. What percent do you think was the new club vs the SuperSpeed. Please say SuperSpeed as it’s cheaper than upgrading my G400
  22. I use a a Tilley hemp hat. Love how it feels, but don’t like the floppy brim. Does anyone know it this one has a stiffer brim?
  23. Tried Max and SFT. Bought the regular G400. I swing it faster than the G400 max and still extremely forgiving driver
  24. That looks amazing. I live in Cincinnati too. You should charge membership fees
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