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  1. Josh Cropp Chattanooga,TN In a normal season 1-2 hours a week putting practice. This season I’m not practicing putting much. I have twins under a month old and a two year old. Arccos stats say I three putt 8.1% of the time, so 1-2 times per round with 35.5 average putts per round. I am actively in the market for a putting practice mat. The Exputt is an exciting product because I can practice putts of varying lengths. I can fit a 12 foot mat in my hallway, but I would like more. My average approach is around 60 feet. This product would allow me to practice in a more realistic way to an actual round.
  2. Thank you all for the welcome. Looking forward to getting out there this year and working on my game.
  3. Joined the site to read reviews and learn more about new products and proper fitting. I currently have a 2006 Nike Ignite 460 driver, a 2013 TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour 3 wood, a 2003 Nike T40 5 wood (which never leaves the bag), 2002 Nike Pro Combo Forged Irons, 2018 Vokey SM7 52 & 56 wedges, and a 2004 Nike Blue Chip blade putter. Needless to say I've needed to upgrade for a while, but now have the income to do so. I bought most of these on eBay back in the day with no idea about fitting. They are all about an inch short, and have the wrong shafts. I played in high school at around an 8-9 handicap. I am now 35 and through lack of practice/play my handicap has climbed to 16. I've decide this year needs to be better, and hired a teacher with the full technology lineup. After four lessons, we did some fitting for irons and the data led me to Mizuno JPX 919 Tour with KBS Tour 130 X shafts which I will be buying after my taxes are filled. I was blown away by the dispersion improvement shown on the TrackMan, I also gained about 7-10 yards. I look forward to getting fit for the driver and getting on the SAM PuttLab to find the rest of my clubs. I might even be willing to drop the 5 wood or 3 iron and test a hybrid this year.
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