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  1. Here's another DIY option you can make with common hand tools. Its a 3 in 1 design. I drilled out a piece of 3/4" diameter threaded rod and epoxy'd it to a steel driver shaft. I add nuts to the threaded rod to adjust between light , medium, and heavy sticks. Shaft Length is 44 inch with a midsize tour velvet grip. Weight of shaft and grip were around 181g. I cut the thread bar to a length (approx. 2") to make up the extra weight to get me to the light speed stick weight of 255g. Adding one nut gets me to 303g which is about 13g more than the medium weight stick. Adding another nut for a total of two nuts gets me to around 353g which is 2g lighter than the heavy stick. Nuts spin off and on quick so switching from different weights shouldn't be a problem. I could probably shave another nut down to get me exact for the medium weight but I think I'm good for now. Training starts once I get around to shoveling some snow off the deck...lol.
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