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  1. Hi All, 

    Recently picked up a ShotScope V2 and wondered if you guys would be able to help answer some questions, but I'm loving it so far!

    • P-Avg - I understand P-Avg's are supposed to remove outliers, to give you a better average, was as the Avg is literally just an average of all your shots with that club. On my first round I hit only 1 shot with my 3w, the Avg shows the distance of the shot (220 yards) but the P-Avg shows 96 yards. Why is this, and will it work out over time?
    • Shot's taken to finish - I've seen the shots taken to finish pages on putts and approaches. Does the number it shows include the shot you took from the location? e.g I avg 2.1 putts from say, 30ft. Does that mean on average I will be 2.1 putts including the putt from 30ft, or is it 2.1 putts on top the putt I have taken from 30ft, for 3.1 total?
    • Successful/Unsuccessful - On the approach and short game screens I keep seeing 'success' or  'unsuccessful' written on some shots. Is this just an indication of whether or not I hit the green?
    • Are Par 3 shots included in the approach stats? My GIR was 56% but my approach was only 40%.
    • Firmware updates - Do I have to do anything special to get this latest update? I saw they announced it two days ago, and have connected my watch every day since but haven't had the update show up.
    • In the dashboard, if I click the little location icon to the right of a shot, is it supposed to take me to an overview of the hole? Mine just takes me to the round overview.

    Would really appreciate any responses!

    Thanks guys.

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