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  1. lungbuster

    2019 Callaway Apex & Apex Pro Iron Thread

    I would lean towards the pros, mainly because of less offset. That’s one of the bigger things I’ve always liked about my Srixons, on top of the turf interaction with the VT Sole.
  2. lungbuster

    2019 Callaway Apex & Apex Pro Iron Thread

    Really just to see if there is anything that may "feel" better or perform better. I'm going through some swing changes so maybe something that fits better. I'm not a club hoe, I like to find what works and stick with it, but if there is improvement to be had, it's worth searching. I'm not looking for distance, just fit and feel.
  3. lungbuster

    2019 Callaway Apex & Apex Pro Iron Thread

    I'm interested in these as well. I've been gaming Srixon Z745's for a few years now. I'm thinking about testing the waters this year, but it's going to be hard to beat the 745.
  4. lungbuster

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Since Philly is out, I'll pull for KC the rest of the way. Andy Reid is a great coach and I'd love to see him get a ring. Not to mention Mahomes is a lot of fun to watch.
  5. lungbuster

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    For those putts that just lip out but not quite in the hole, one of my favorites is "daddy walk in?" Whenever you hit one in the bunker, my dad always liked to say "No hunnies on that beach today boy."
  6. lungbuster

    2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Golf Balls

    Agree with this. I've played the XV the last year or so and I've really liked it. But it is a hard ball that takes a lot to compress it.
  7. lungbuster

    New from SC

    I guess I skipped the intro thread and went straight to seeking swing advice lol. Anyhow, I'm from the upstate of SC, near Spartanburg. I get asked a lot, but my username isn't from smoking, it's a nickname some of my hunting buddies gave me many years ago. Anyhow, I look forward to these forums.
  8. lungbuster

    Hello from Upstate SC

    Welcome, I'm new here as well and from the Upstate. I'm a little more east of you, in the Spartanburg area.
  9. Update...I've got a lesson scheduled for Friday afternoon. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for coming along on my journey and thanks for the tips so far. After really studying my videos, I may have found an issue, but I'm no swing coach so we'll see what the instructor says. I've sent him the videos so we'll be ready to rock on Friday. @perseveringgolfer my grip will likely be something that's changed I'm sure. In my self diagnosing past, I've strengthened it to "fix" my slice, not knowing that there were other problems.
  10. I had noticed the same thing with my elbow. I really need someone there to tell me whoa boy. I “feel” like I have shortened, but apparently things keep running. I am already looking for a reputable instructor, I’m willing to drive a few hours if necessary. Thanks for the idea on the impact ball. Typical shape is a very light cut. Iron play I’ve managed, but my biggest weakness is the driver. Some days it’s good, and some days my timing is so far off I’m all over the place. The swing fault remains no matter the club though.
  11. Edited and added face on and DTL videos. I had a kid at the range record them, didn't realize he did slo mo.
  12. If I have a chance to swing, haha no pun intended, by the range on my way home this evening, I will to try and grab better angles.
  13. So I've been playing golf consistently for two years. I've "played" most of my life, but never more than one or two rounds per year. I've gotten as far as I have without any lessons (trending 6.9, last 20 avg 81.8), but I've hit a wall and shooting a 77 one day and barely breaking 90 the next are getting to me. Thankfully, the worse days are far fewer, but I want to be able to find more consistency. From watching my swing, I see early extension and a flip, which I understand is simply a symptom of a flaw somewhere else. When I watch the video, it looks like my shoulders start a tick before they should, but I'm lost on what to do and how to fix it. My usual miss is the atypical early extension and cast miss... any assortment of fat, thin, pull, and high slice. Edited to add face on and DTL videos...
  14. lungbuster

    2019 Sony Open thread

    If JT cleans up his mess, he'll be there on Sunday but I'm going with Kooooooooooooooch