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  1. I've been through a few, really liked the Callaway X Forged UT. I've played a Srixon U45 as well, but have just settled on using a Z545 3 iron bent to 19. It's just as hot as the other two and for me, plays easier out of the fairway. I have never been one that could hit hybrids, for whatever reason. I guess they just don't fit my eye.
  2. I was in your boat as well as I really wanted to test one out and not have to fork over a couple hundred for an experiment if it was something I didn't like. However, what I did was find an old belly style putter (Ping Scottsdale L Pickmeup), trimmed the shaft down a few inches to get it below my elbow, and bent the shaft to get the lie to 6 degrees. The arm lock method definitely helps me keep on line, but I'm still working to get a feel for speed. I could probably do some more tinkering with the weight of the putter to help with that, but I'm really hoping to win the Betti testing opportunity to get a true arm lock putter a run and not something I've just converted to work. With that said, even if I don't, a purchase is likely coming soon as I can definitely see some potential benefits over my standard length putter. Primarily, keeping my wrists out of the stroke on pressure puts. I always seem(ed) to lock up and get too wristy when pressure increases, which leads to me pulling way too many comeback par save type putts.
  3. Yep, I cut grass last week for the first time this season, I've been miserable since. To top it off, I take Flonase and rotate Allegra/Zyrtec year round.
  4. We've been getting an over abundance of rain since October of last year. It's started to dry out some over the past week or so, but temps are still below avg for this time of year. Hoping Saturday will end up as nice as the forecast...64 and sunny!
  5. I am fan of the Srixon Z Star XV. If for some reason I run out of those and can't find any, I'd hit the TP5x.
  6. @jlukes hit the nail on the head. True lob, and flop shots for that matter, aren't supposed to stop from spin, unless you're making full swing speed shots. It's the descent angle that helps these shots stop close to where they land. Most any urethane ball will generate more than enough spin to stop quickly with normal approaches, chips, and pitches. At your handicap, unless you just don't lose a lot of balls and your higher score comes from elsewhere, I'd look into the Srixon Q-Star Tour or Taylormade Project (a). There are some other urethane cover balls out there in the $30 range, but none that I've seen on the course. Both the QST and PA balls are designed for players who want the feel and spin, but often don't have the swing speed for the tour level balls.
  7. As has been stated many times, work on your swing first. I've always been in the boat that I'll never achieve the perfect swing, but I can achieve something that is repeatable and consistent. Consistency is what makes a good fitting worth the money. If your swing changes day to day as you're chasing one thing from another, the fitting will be useless.
  8. Chris - South Carolina Flip between a Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 VLine and a modified Ping Scottsdale L for arm lock testing Bettinardi's are like the 68 Camaro Z28, highly sought after, a classic and recognizable appearance, and something that should be on every enthusiast's wish list.
  9. lungbuster

    Snapping a Shaft

    I have seen this when someone uses too much epoxy during assembly and the epoxy runs up beyond the height of the adapter on the shaft. This will create a shear point and the shaft will snap there. Another thought, I've seen this happen when people don't put the head cover on when the club is in the bag. The shaft takes a beating from iron heads and micro fractures develop until the snap happens.
  10. I agree 100% with both of those statements, but with the caveat that I do believe Phil has made improvements in his personal life. On Reed, people who have never come from a dysfunctional/unhealthy family have no clue. There's always two sides to a coin and I believe he's been made out to be much worse than he really is. Is he flawless, heck no, but I'd wager a month's salary that he's not the worst guy on tour. If you ain't first, you're last. Consistency is important for winning a season long championship, which Finau didn't do either, but I think more emphasis should be placed on winning. Maybe reward more FedEx points.
  11. I’d say you’re pretty much spot on with your definition. I’d say a blow up hole is one that would severely alter the average.
  12. 1 - Masters 2 - US Open 3 - Open 4 - PGA
  13. If Rory could gain control of his wedges, he'd be nearly unbeatable. It seems that he's putting a little better this year too. The only other player out there that I think could keep up with him A game for A game would be DJ.
  14. 1. Chris - South Carolina 2. 5.3 - 113 3. Taylormade M3 9.5 - Aldila RIP Phenom NL TX 70 4. Prefer the SZ, would be a great comparison to my old Rogue SZ.
  15. The bottom of my bag is 46/50/56/62, but it's rare that I ever make a full swing with any wedge. It really comes down to a lot of trial and error in finding what works for you.
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