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  1. ttt, all offers (no trades) will be considered.
  2. Selling my 34” SC Phantom X7. Putter has a SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 with a 25 gram counter weight. Asking $275 obo via PayPal only, shipped and insured tyd.
  3. Up for grabs is a 10.5 Taylormade Sim 2 driver head and M5 15 3w head. Asking $350 for the S2 and $100 for the M5, will take $425 for both. Head covers included with both. Prices are PayPal only and shipped insured to your door.
  4. Bump, these will be listed on eBay mid-week next week if I can't sell them here by then.
  5. Finally decided to pull the trigger on selling these beauties. Asking $500 OBO via Paypal shipped. Srixon Z965 4 iron - Pitching Wedge with an unshafted 3 iron head. Project X LS 6.0 shafts were professionally installed late Summer 2020. Golf Pride ZGrip Align grips still have half their life in them. All clubs are standard length and loft, with the lie being 1* upright. Slight bag chatter and a little browning on PW, but these things are still good for many years to come. Any questions, message me on here and we can exchange numbers and/or email.
  6. I'll be in Garden City with the family next week and am looking at trying to play a couple rounds while there. If any of you would like to meet up, let me know.
  7. You are correct, 7i lie angle is 63 degrees and every club from there goes in .5 degree increments. The main thing with these irons for me where that they didn’t fit the flight window I like to see. They were very flat and came in with a shallow descent. Prior to switching to the LZ, I played KBs Tours in my irons. Never had that issue before and a different shaft might have fixed it. If you paid shipping, I’d send them to you. I can get a quote sometime Monday. Although, you’d definitely need to reshaft them based on what you’re currently swinging. Factor that in to your cost. These are a .370 hosel, so parallel tipped shafts are what’s needed.
  8. To be honest, I’ve never touched a Callaway Mavrik iron so I have no clue. What I can say, is the top line is not offensive in any way. It’s not far off from my Srixon Z745s I regularly play. I don’t have the pic any longer, but in my review I did a side by side compare pic. I still have the set I reviewed for the site and Sub70. I’ve never really put a lot of thought in it, but if someone local would like to have them, hit me up. I’ve tried to make these work and have even taken them out for a few rounds since the review, but I’m not near as consistent with them as either set of Srixons I have. They are bent to a 63 degree lie on the 7i and .5 degree each direction from there. Shaft is the KBS Tour X and they play 1/2” long.
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